Michael Mao Dance Reunites in New York
Rulan’s mentor, friend, choreographer, Michael Mao celebrated his dance company’s 25th anniversary with a company reunion in New York. Mao’s dancers came together for an evening of performance and memories in April. His current company performed – looking gorgeous in newer repertory – and his former dancers joined today’s in one the works. They participated in the “walking” section of STILL NIGHT with mesmerizing score by Arvo Part. According to Rulan, “the beautiful evening of repertory had a gorgeous cast of dancers, choreographed and coached and directed by Michael Mao in whose company I danced for maybe eight years in New York – touring through USA, Norway and Paris. I was so blessed for him to have chosen me as an artist, and I met incredible friends, many of whom are still active in dance as teachers, directors, choreographers.”

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