December 2012

Foto courtesy of Julien McRoberts for Homefrocks, amazing clothes made by local Santa Fe designer Nancy !

In alignment with the prophetic solstice of 2012, DANCING EARTH CREATIONS will share our dreams for the future, and ways which our circle of community members and friends may be a part of bringing these visions to life. We are DREAMING BIG!

  • Dance floors powered by dancers footsteps,
  • Scholarships and subsidiized dance training for Native youth,
  • Solar powered theater,
  • Dorm housing with organic gardens for students,
  • Full time company manager so we can focus more on the artistic,
  • Frequent flier mileage donation, so we can accept invitations to share our work in Canada,
    New Zealand, and other global locations
  • Cultural research and exchange with Native groups who are taking stands for return of salmon
    and water ceremonies, as well as cultivation of seeds, and Womens leadership.

A big dream comes to life next month, with Director Rulan Tangen selected for participation in New Zealand ‘s


3rd nature involves creativity and innovation at the intersection of three critical interfaces:

*Acknowledging the environmental crisis; *Engaging with Maori and indigenous peoples; *Engaging with Sciences and the Hybrid Arts

These three intersecting dialogues provide space for a Third Nature, a fresh space for engaging with new knowledge and approaches vital to a sustainable civilisation.

While in Aotearoa, Rulan will be hosted on the land by her dear Maori colleagues including Jack Gray, Tracey Marama Lloydd and Terri Ripeka Crawford, all past collaborators. She will be meeting with New Zealand festivals, dance companies , community and educational organizations to build bridges of relationship for DANCING EARTH and cultivation of international Indigenous cultural exchange .


Kia Ora !


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