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Javier Stell-Frésquez  – Since his first Mexican folkloric dance class at age 5, culturally-expressive movement has always been a major part of Javier’s life and education. As an Earth Systems major at Stanford University, he combined studying dance, arts management, non-profit development, cultural studies, identity, and indigenous issues. Drawing on his environmental studies and minor in Chinan@/Latin@ Studies, Javier has, for the last four years, performed in and coordinated multiple dance productions and summer cultural exchanges/dance intensives by Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations. We’re proud of his work as Co-Producer of Seeds & Soul: Indigenous Cultural Exchange and Festival in Oakland’s Lake Merritt Park.

Javier has lived in various parts of the San Francisco Bay Area for the last eight years. His presence and constant engagement with communities there has strengthened Dancing Earth’s relationships with Bay Area communities, allowing us to produce festivals, and provide accessible workshops for Natives and non-Natives alike.

Much of Javier’s professional and artistic work supports Indigenous cultural expression and intertribal communities. This February he’ll have the honor to volunteer for the 4th year on the powwow committee of the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) Powwow, which works to restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating a forum for the spiritual, cultural, and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people. He also works as an Event Coordination Consultant for our beloved San Francisco partner, The Cultural Conservancy.


PAULO TAVARES (Photographer, Graphic Designer, Production Manager) began his study of the arts at a young age as a brass instrumentalist. He has traveled throughout the United States performing with Drum and Bugle Corps – The Cadets, in their Colorguard’s Weapon Line. Paulo T. will be returning for his fourth season as a choreographer and teacher for the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps in the imminent future.

As a professional photographer and graphic designer, Paulo T. specializes in photography which captivates and stimulates the mind as a result of his intuitive ability to capture ‘the moment’; exhibiting energy and emotion at the height of release and expression. Paulo T. excels at dance, portrait, fashion, commercial, head-shots and performance photography. He is also proficient in digital photo editing and digital media arts creation. His graphic designs flow smoothly and eccentrically through space; actively engaging the mind, provoking thought and inducing creative inspiration. Paulo T. can be contacted through his website:


JOHN PAUL RANGEL (Graphic Design) is actively involved in promoting contemporary Native arts through his working with Native artists, Native arts institutions and education. His work includes almost two decades of art direction, design, branding, marketing, website development, developing print collateral, media for radio/television, signage and motion graphics. In 2012, Rangel completed a doctorate degree at the University of New Mexico where his dissertation focused on Native art theory, Indigenous research methods and contemporary Native art. Rangel believes that Dancing Earth is a vital expression of Native arts and culture that draws from our collective past and reaches toward our future.




Kate Russell PhotographyDEIRDRE MORRIS (“Of Bodies Of Elements” and Riddu Riddu Tour Tech Director, guest dramaturge for …seeds:re generation…) Deirdre Morris, MFA, is an international performing artist, producer, dramaturge, activist, and educator. Her practice spans theatrical forms that focus on spectacle based physical theatre, contemplative movement based performance and site specific installations. Inspired by her study of Butoh dance in rural Japan, her interest is in uncovering artistic material in the performer’s/witnesses bodily states, emotions and sensations, creating physical encounters in wild and constructed spaces. Her collaborative projects, draw diverse communities into a creative process that is socially reflective and ecologically aware. Being effective, generous and sustainable, is the essence of her education and performance work. With content ranging inter/disciplinary, her work spans a variety of performance sites, bodies, ecologies, media and social issues. Her current research is looking at feminism and somatic affect as well as site specific and site particular presentations. Working with artists and public, in particular sites, to create reflective textual, visual and somatic documentation of local culture and history, to produce ‘momentary communities’. These communities are built in specific times, places and sites, between the performers, community, and site of the project. With lasting effects continuing to be seen via presentations of video in local galleries and libraries, and textual archives.



robbieROBBIE PINO (Technical Director/Stage Manager)
Robbie Pino is of Mexican, Nez Perce, and Colonial mixed heritage, and raised New Mexican. Influenced by his family’s love of story telling, he turned it into a career working in the mediums of theatre, film, and fine arts. He graduated first of his family in 2015 with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from UNM. He has been working with Dancing Earth since it’s birth.



 (grant writer and bookkeeping NM) has done copywriting, grant writing, and bookkeeping for a variety of national nonprofits and local grassroots organizations. She is one of the co-founders of the Santa Fe Time Bank and strongly believes in the power of community-building and art-making to restore the world. She has written for Edible Santa Fe, New Mexico Voice, among other publications and anthologies, and has been involved in performance rituals, installations, residencies, and many other creative endeavors across disciplines.



headshot-marlon-footracer-2014-1-1MARLON FOOTRACER (Assistant to Director NM and CA) Marlon Footracer is Diné, Water-Flows-Together, born for One-Who-Walks-Around-You clan. He grew up in Tsé Síaní (Lupton, AZ). He attended Stanford University where he majored in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. While at Stanford, he co-founded the Stanford Native American Poets, co-instructed a course on contemporary Native Poetry, and participated in the performance arts and theater programs. 

While at Stanford, he worked at the Stanford Alumni Association in the Native American Initiative and helped organize Stanford’s first ever conference, “Community, Diversity and Excellence: Celebrating Stanford’s Minority Alumni.”

He has worked as a consultant and project manager for indigenous art projects and artists, such as Matika Wilbur’s Project 562 in 2014.

In his personal creative work, he was named the Taos Writer’s Conference Native American Writer-In-Residence Award recipient in 2015. He actively contributes to creative writing journals and spoken arts projects.

Most recently, he worked as a non-profit strategist and consultant for development and capacity building, specifically focusing on non-profits that work to end homelessness in New Mexico/Navajo Nation border towns.


And we thank Jennifer Kilbourne in NM and Ann Millican, Alexandra Riggs in CA and many friends and colleagues for consultation on development and strategic planning!



Original Board: Sione Tangen, Fidez Enriquez, Eva Panaligan, Norma Diala and Mark Tandoc

Board Members:

TIM HARJO serves as the Chairman of Prairie Band LLC and is a co-founder of the Indigenous Film and Television Institute. He hold a Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. His other alma maters include Arizona State University and Fort Lewis College in Durango, both sites of which DANCING EARTH has been welcomed for performance residencies. (photo courtesy Tim Harjo) “I am honored to serve on the Board. I have always admired and respected your work and the work of Dancing Earth.”






GinaPGINA PACALDO, “Toda Madre”, is a Community Public Servant and Educator, working daily as a Dropout Prevention Specialist, Outreach Consultant and Director of an after-school Performing Arts Program. She has 50 years of performing in barrios, plazas, reservations, theatres, museums, schools, and universities throughout the country, Canada and Denmark. We have been honored for Gina to have joined us onstage in San Francisco as a guest artist mentor.

“You guys are busting out some moves for our Native community. It’s revolutionary,” said Gina Pacaldo, herself a longtime dancer and performer. “The examples of what you do with your movement are part of what our community needs. Our people have been colonized in many, many ways, and we still are. We are all at risk, and when I see you, I see that your hearts are strong. Really, really strong—whoa. […] Us Grandmas, we still enjoy this. We like to see our youth being strong. You are a mirror of us and we are a mirror of you. We want you to own this, this responsibility. I hope that as long as the Creator keeps you here, you all keep moving.”


joaquinJOAQUIN ALEJANDRO NEWMAN was born 1973 in Oakland, and currently lives and paints in his hometown. After studying fine art and digital design at Cabrillo College and UC Santa Cruz, Joaquin now works as a community artist, educator, muralist, graphic designer, and illustrator. He has taught digital production at the Academy of Art College, community arts at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, California College of the Arts, and the Oakland Museum of California, and continues to make presentations to many classrooms around the Bay Area. His murals and paintings can be found on many walls and galleries around the Bay Area and the nation, and recently completed a mural series at the Carmen Flores Community Center in Oakland.Outside of works related to his mixed indian heritage and explorations of other indigenous nations, recent paintings examine the delicate balance between nature and technology, faith and reason, and the Spirit that exists in all things.As co-founder of the Forrealism Movement, Joaquin showcases his work and that of his collaborators on, a portal functioning as a vision for the future of indigenous arts.


Advisory Board:

Roger MontoyaROGER MONTOYA (Advisory) is a nationally recognized renaissance man. As a professional dancer he danced with renowned David Parsons and Paul Taylor companies in New York, as well as careers as gymnast, painter, activist, educator, mentor and now active community leader he co-directs multi-art programming for youth in Northern New Mexico, including Moving Arts Espanola and now he is the founder of a new State Charter school called La Tierra Montessori School for the Arts and Sciences which opens in 2012 in Española New Mexico. Roger has honored DANCING EARTH as a guest soloist, mentor and coach. “I am so proud of DANCING EARTH and I am sure that the new work will be very strong and more than relevant in this era of needed re-focus for our planet and her people. I would like very much to support the goals of the company.” (portrait by Paulo T. Photography)



RafaelRAFAEL JESÚS GONZÁLEZ (Advisory) Born in the bicultural/bilingual setting of El Paso, Texas/Juárez, Chihuahua, attended the University of Texas El Paso, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, & the University of Oregon. Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing & Literature, taught at the University of Oregon, Western State College of Colorado, Central Washington State University, the University of Texas El Paso, and Laney College, Oakland where he founded the Mexican and Latin American Studies Dept.

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