August 2012

NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE features Rulan as a Dance Innovator, august issue !


DANCING EARTH – the nation’s foremost Indigenous contemporary dance ensemble – is proud to invite your Native community members and youth to our very first summer Indigenous contemporary dance training intensive.

This cultural arts immersion will include DANCING EARTH warmup and choreography, plus master classes in powwow, hip hop, martial arts, all- terrain,  inter-disciplinary arts (drawing, music, writing, spoken word, Native language),  nutrition, yoga, stretch and strength training,  and visits to museums, art galleries, nature hikes, and cultural sharing evening. Training sessions will be at least 7 hrs a day, with some classes open to youth or community members, contact Lisa for schedule and prices. Meanwhile, several dance students from Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico have been selected for  scholarships to attend the summer training !

Dates : Aug 1-12

Location : Santa Fe New Mexico

It is the first training program of its kind in the USA, and is ideal for aspiring performing artists, or for those who wish to build leadership skills through discipline, stamina, and the confidence that the only the cultural artistic integration of body, heart, soul and mind can bring. This is also open to professional Native performers, athletes, fitness trainers, body workers, social workers, arts educators or community leaders of all ages who wish to expand their skills and get in shape in a dynamic creative atmosphere !


STUDENT SHOWCASE at 5 pm August 11 at RAILYARD PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE, pls contact to reserve a space and support our students !

Special thanks to support from McCune Foundation of NM, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Stanford University’s Institute of Diversity in the Arts fellowship for intern Javier Fresquez, National Dance Institute of NM ( Allegra, Michael, Russell, Lisa, you rock !), Dragons Tree, Wise Fool of NM, Adam Mckniiney and NM School for the Arts and DNA Dance, Marion Wasserman Elemental Designs, Louis Leray, Joaquin Newman and Forrealism Design, Jonathan Sims, Deirdre Morris, and amazing the talented and generous bakers and farmers of the farmers market who support our dancing warriors with a foundation of powerful organic food Synergia Ranch, La Mesa FarmsMesa )  ( Sol, Scott and , Cloud Cliff ( Willem ) , Intergalactic Bread Co, Orozcos Farm, Gilbertos Orchard !

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