© Paulo T. Photography

Jan 7 Classes resume at year round youth dance training programs at Cochiti Pueblo NM, and Cuicacalli Escuela at the Brava Theater in San Francisco  

Jan  13 NO WOMAN NO WASTE  Swap Party in Santa Fe
Jan 19 DANCING COLLECTIVE FUTURITIES third in a series of winter workshops in Santa Fe
Jan 18-20 Dancing Earth company meeting in Ogaa Pogeh ( Santa Fe ), and photo shoot at SFAI with Paulo Tavares – stay tuned for images celebrating Indigenous Futurities!
Jan 25 Dancing Earth soloist Natalie Benally performs at PLATFORM at Santa Fe Art Institute
Jan 25-27 Dancing Earth company meeting in Yelamu (San Francisco )
Feb 21-23 and Feb 28-March 2 UC Berkeley dance concert, featuring GROUNDWORKS HUICHIN choreographed  for UCB students with Rulan Tangen with cultural consult of Ohlone leader Corrina Gould
Feb 28 Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver BC, presents  performance of MICHIF MEDICINES, an international collaboration with V’ni Dansi and Dancing Earth co directed by international award winning choreogarpher/directors Yvonne Chartrand and Rulan Tangen with dancers Eloi Homier, Madelaine McCallum, Esme Olivia Vaandrager, and Ana Maria Guadalupe “Lupita” Salazar . “The development of Michif Medicines involved consultations with Elders and cultural keepers. Respect for cultural protocols and ways of knowing are fundamental aspects of creation.“

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