Rulan Tangen


Rulan Tangen's dance journey centers around the founding of DANCING EARTH CREATIONS (DE) in 2004. After years of teaching dance workshops to reservation youth, she strove to create hope and opportunity for aspiring performers, theater artists and technicians, who also serve as culture carriers, art educators, and leaders. Dancing Earth has thus inspired a new generation of Indigenous performers to express their culture in vital contemporary and experimental forms.

Her professional experience spans international ballet, modern dance, opera, circus, film and television production including includes NYC’s Michael Mao Dance, and Peridance Ensemble; Canada’s Karen Jamieson Dance and Banff Aboriginal Arts; Littleglobe’s Memorylines Opera; and Wise Fool New Mexico’s One Solstice Circus; Marin Ballet, Catskill Ballet Theater, Redwood Empire Ballet and New York Grand Opera. . Native productions include Bones Dance Opera, Ordway Theater’s TRIBE, and Northern Plains traditional powwow dancing. She has danced, acted or choreographed for TV including PBS’s “Music From a Painted Cave” and “We Shall Remain” series, Much Music command performance for HRH Princes Charles, and films Apocalypto, The New World ,Woman Walks Ahead, Drunktown’s Finest, and Ancestor Eyes, for which she received an Action On Film nomination for Best Actress.

Surviving cancer to discover her leadership purpose, Tangen continues to teach extensively in Native communities across the Americas, as well as institutes of higher learning. With a vision for inclusion, she cultivates a new generation of Native dancers, through creative practice that explores intertribal diversity. Many of her students have danced with the company, crediting the work to have empowered their identity as well as their scope of artistic aspiration. Her teaching credentials include Washington University's Visiting Distinguished Scholar; guest artist instructor at Stanford University's Institute for Diversity in the Arts for "RACE AND ENVIRONMENT;" Native Wellness Institute Leadership Academy; Artistic Residencies at UC Riverside, Santa Fe Art Institute, and Arizona State University; and New Zealand’s Intercreate symposium.

Her vision is recognized through honors including the first dance fellowship for Artistic Innovation by the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, the Costo Medal for Education, Research and Service by UC Riverside's Chair of Native Affairs, and as Dance Magazine's pick as one of “25 To Watch,”  the New Mexico School for the Arts‘ Community Arts Leadership award, the 2015 Arts & Social Change Award from Arts and Healing Network, and was honored as a top ten finalist across all disciplines for the Nathan Cummings Fellowship for Social Change.

Her work values movement as an expression of indigenous worldview, honoring matriarchal leadership, dance as functional ritual for transformation and healing, the process of decolonizing the body, and the animistic energetic connection with all forms of life on earth. She has recruited and nurtured a new generation of Indigenous contemporary dancers and holds the belief that "to dance is to live, to live is to dance."



Internationally regarded dance artist: Independent dancer/performance artist; actress; over three decades of experience in the study of movement arts; live performance and production; choreographer in film/theater/outdoor and site-specific venues; instructor of several movement forms; internationally acknowledged as a leader in Indigenous contemporary dance movement; Founding Artistic Director/Choreographer of Dancing Earth - a grass roots, project-based Indigenous contemporary dance initiative; lecturer at various universities, conferences, and educational programs; published writer. Fieldwork with Indigenous communities in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.


Evidenced understanding of dance as a cultural, artistic, educational, social and political medium that can: renew culture, cross-pollinate diverse art forms and cultures, activate social/personal/environmental healing, strengthen communities, transmit worldviews, and enact positive social transformations. Powerful lecturer, workshop designer and facilitator on these topics.

Evidenced ability to create dance programming for a diverse communities, including: cancer patients, reservation populations, university students, pre-professional ballet and modern dance aspirants, urban street youth (in Argentina), Amazonian Indian communities (in Brazil), film casts, adult dancers, senior citizens, powwow dancers, public elementary school students - including those who are differently-abled.

Experienced in: building long-lasting relationships with artist collaborators — locally, nationally and internationally - as well as communities, especially First Nations communities in both urban and rural settings; mentoring, recruiting, training, coaching and the professional development of outstanding young Indigenous performers to develop and further Indigenous Contemporary Dance; producing performances in theater, film, and ‘all terrain’ venues; designing and implementing regional, national, and international workshops for Indigenous youth; and organizing international Indigenous cultural exchange events centered on dance.

Thirty years of professional dance experience: training, conception, choreography, production, and media relations; ability to identify and cultivate projects based on aesthetic strengths and originality, as well as cultural importance and social relevance.


2018 Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Award

2018 Clyde Fitch Report of “20 Change Making US Artists you should track for 2018”

2017 Invoking the Pause Fellowship for Climate Change Trailblazers

2017 Cohort Advocate of Honor Native Lands national initiative of US Dept of Arts and Culture

2016 TedX Talks lecturer and performance

2016 A Blade Of Grass Fellowship for Social Change Artists Awardee




2015      Finalist for Nathan Cummings Fellowship for Social Change. 
2015      Arts & Social Change Award from Arts and Healing Network.
2015      Catalyst Initiative Award from Center for Performance and Civic Practice.
2014      Community Arts Leadership Award from New Mexico School For the Arts.
2013      Medallion from US Ambassador to New Zealand for Cultural Ambassadorship (awarded to all touring members of Dancing Earth)
2013      USArtists International Touring award for participation in Kowhiti Festival, New Zealand.
2012      First Dance Fellowship for Artistic Innovation from Native Arts and Cultures Foundation.
2011      Medal from Rupert Costo, Chair of American Indian Affairs, in recognition of Research, Teaching and Service to University of California - Riverside and the Community.
2011      National Museum of American Indian Expressive Arts Award (for Dancing Earth).
2009 - 2011      National Dance Project Production and Touring Award (for Dancing Earth).
2008      Best Actress Nomination for “Ancestor Eyes” at Action On Film Festival.
2007      Noted as “One of Top 25 To Watch” by Dance Magazine.
2006      AiAwards Best Supporting Actress for “The New World.”
2000      Role Model Award from Rez Crew of New Mexico.
1999      Six Nations Champion of Champions Award, powwow and team dance award.
1995      Finalist for Hennessy Cognac Award for Excellence in the Arts.
1988 - 1994      Various Powwow Honors in Northern Plains Traditional dance.



Hundreds of performances over three decades in six countries as a dance artist with over thirty choreographers in multiple genres, including: classical ballet, contemporary ballet, modern dance, TanzTheater, powwow, circus arts, and Indigenous contemporary dance. From 1998, onwards, the creation of more than fifty choreographies, including: powwow team dance groups; ballet/modern dance students; public elementary school students (under the auspices of National Dance Institute and the Santa Fe Opera Artist in Residence Program); Native youth on reservations; Wise Fool New Mexico (circus arts for social justice) aerialists and stilt-walkers; community members without dance training for “MemoryLines” - a contemporary Opera coproduced by Little Globe productions, Santa Fe opera and Lensic Theater; NZINGA Capoiera Theater Production; Institute of American Indian Arts students.



2014 to Present     
Direct/Choreograph/Producer. Multi-year SEED project, including Origin-Nation with guest international Indigenous Cultural Artist Ambassadors. Performances: excerpted solo at Indigenous Food Symposium, AZ; Wisdom Gathering, Ghost Ranch, NM (commissioned performance for honorees Gloria Steinem and Alice Walker); Survival of First Voices Festival, NM; SEEDS, at Ft. Lewis College, with involvement of 60 community members; RE-GENERATION at Planet IndigenUS and McMichaels Gallery and Gardens in Toronto, Canada.
2015      SEEDS AND SOUL FESTIVAL of Indigenous Arts and Culture, Lake Merritt, CA.
2014      Community engaged eco-production SEEDS, Ft. Lewis College, CO.
2012 - 2013      Director/ Co-Choreographer/ Producer of “Walking At The Edge of Water”; Performances: Downtown Dance Festival co-presented by Smithsonian Institute of American Indian, NYC; Kowhiti Festival, New Zealand; Lensic Theater, Santa Fe, NM; and as work-in-progress, Bioneers conference, 2015; SOMOS UNO Festival; University of California- Riverside's Culver Art Center; Wild Dancing West Festival; Trent University 's Nozhem Theatre, Canada; Talking Stick Festival, Vancouver. Related video installation, exhibitions in museums and galleries: New Zealand, London, Berlin, New Mexico and California.
2012 - 2015      Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations, performances in 16 states and 5 countries from 2004 - 2011, with select annual projects in 2012 - 2015.
2009 - 2011      Director/Choreographer/Producer of “Of Bodies of Elements”; full length eco-production and national tour of 45 shows at 27 sites in 8 states, with support of National Dance Project, with related educational curriculum guide and community engagement activities reaching over 20,000 people (many outside typical dance demographic).
2011      Producer, First Indigenous International Performance Festival, National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico; produced entirely with in kind support, with guest artist/lecturer Professor Ananya Chattarjea.
2011      Visiting International Artistic Director/Choreographer for 'Crossing Turtle Island' Summer Program, Indigenous Performance Initiative, Canada, creating performance for Odemin Geezis Festival Opening at Peterborough Art Gallery and for Nozhem Theater, Canada.
2010      Program Director, "Zhishodewe" Indigenous Performance Initiatives of Canada; cultural research, community engagement and creative expression of water issues.
2004      Native American Cultural Center, Earth Dance Theater program, San Francisco, CA.
2003 - 2004      Oversight of theater mounting, Wise Fool Circus: The Curtain, Santa Fe, NM.
2002      Assistant to Director, BONES Aboriginal Dance Opera, at Banff Centre, Banff, Calgary, Canada.
2001 - 2002      Company coordinator, Banff Aboriginal Dance Program, Banff, Calgary, Canada.
2002      Indigenous Dance Project for World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education, Stoney Park Nakoda Nation, Canada.
2000 & 2004      Native Roots and Rhythms Dance and Music Festival.
1988 - 1992      Maka Chante Intertribal Youth Powwow Troupe.



Partial list, includes performing in my own choreographies and all of the above engagements as Director:

2011      International Arts Festival, San Francisco, CA.
2011      Myrna Loy Theater, Whitefish Theater, and Ronan School District, Montana.
2010      Prelude to semester-long inter-departmental creative response, RACE AND ENVIRONMENT, Stanford University's Institute for Diversity in the Arts, Palo Alto, CA.
2010      Various locations: Washington University, St Louis MO; Arizona State University, Cultural Participation Program; University of South Bend, IN.

Selected Additional Locations prior to 2010

New York University’s Hemispheric Conference for Performance and Politics, Indigenous Performance, Sao Paolo, Brasil; Centro Cultural de Recoleto, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Living Rituals Global Dance Festival, Canada; Society of Dance Historians conference, Banff Centre of Arts; Roots Remix International Arts Festival, Toronto; International Aboriginal Choreographers Workshop, Toronto; Aboriginal Choreographers Workshop, Banff Canada; UC Riverside’s Red Rhythms Conference; Native Roots and Rhythms Music and Dance Festival, Paolo Soleri Amphitheater; World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education, Canada; Grand Opening, Lensic Theater, Santa Fe NM; Santa Fe Dance Festival, NM; Music from a Painted Cave, eighty city tour, including New Orleans Jazz Festival, LA. SOMOS UNO Festival, NM; UNITY Native youth leadership gathering, CA; UC Riverside and Sherman Indian School, CA; Annual Native Wellness Institute conference, CA. VSA 4th Art Center Global Dance Festival and Two Worlds Festival, NM; National Dance Institute of New Mexico.

Site-specific Choreography

Heard Museum, staircase and galleries, opening of artist Walt Wooten, AZ; Heard Museum auditorium, opening of artist Virgil Ortiz, AZ ;National Dance Institute, for public school youth musical productions, NM ; Wise Fool Solstice Circus and One Railroad Circus, NM; Museum of Crafts, NYC - glass art exhibit featuring C.S. Tarpley NY; DanceNowNYC Festival, St. Johns Cathedral, New York, NY; Center For Contemporary Arts NM; Native Cinema Showcase premiere for Jock Soto biographical film; Santa Fe Art Institute NM; Kiva Indian Arts Gallery, NM; Indian Market street presentations, NM; Canyon Road Spirit Walk procession, Santa Fe, NM; Institute of American Indian, museum courtyard, NM ; Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe NM; McDowell Artists Colony, commissioned by Santa Fe Art Institute for main gallery; CRUDE FRACTURE, a site-specific outdoor installation with land artist Chrissie Or, NM; RUBBISH site-specific installation with artist Jaque Fragua, Center for Contemporary Arts, NM.

Interdisciplinary Installations

2012 - 15      Eco Dance Film in collaboration with filmmaking team Marion Wasserman and Louis Leray, Exhibitions at:
- Puke Ariki Museum for Intercreate 2nd Nature Symposium New Zealand.
 - Te Papa National Museum in Wellington New Zealand for Kowhiti Festival and Symposium.
- Origins Festival, with Indigeneity Conference, London, UK.
- “Our Story: Water is Life” Native Curated exhibition in Redding CA.
2010      “Crude Fracture” site-specific performance in collaboration with land artist Chrissie Orr, T.I.M.E. exhibition, Buffalo Thunder, Pojoaque Pueblo, NM.
2007      Performative installation with visual art collaboration with Leland Chapin, at:
- Centro Cultural de Recoleto, Buenos Aires Argentina for the Hemispheric Encuentro of Performance & Politics.
- Santa Fe Art Institute Courtyard, NM.
- Center for Contemporary Arts, NM.
2007      Multi-disciplinary Installation with artist Wayne Nez Gaussoin at Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, for Institute of American Indian Arts graduation, NM.


(including site-specific improvisations)

Selected actions include: anti-oil initiatives at San Francisco legislature, CA and Pojoaque Pueblo, NM; Seed Broadcast seed exchange and workshop at Santa Fe Art Institute; DRY TO WEST, in support of Santa Fe River; activation of Indigenous Knowledge Gathering at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA; and many more.



- “The New World”
director Terence Malick.
- “Apocalypto” director Mel Gibson.
- “Music From a Painted Cave” PBS Television Special.
- “Ancestor Eyes” dream sequence, director Kalani Queypo.
- Performer /Choreographer: video art collaboration with Studio Azzaro for Site Santa Fe Biennale.
- Much Music television (Canada), Command performance for HRH Princes Charles, William and Henry.
- Dancer/Choreographer: video art collaboration “Stone Stories’ installation with Susanna Carlisle for the Linda Durham Gallery.



Native Dance Productions including:

- All DANCING EARTH productions and national/ international touring since 2004.
- KAHAWI, and HERE ON EARTH - originating lead role (director Santee Smith).
- MINIGOOWEZEWIN - originating lead role (director Georgina Martinez).
- TRIBE, originating lead role (director Raoul Trujillo).
- DAYSTAR NATIVE DANCE DRAMA : “No Home But The Heart” (director Rosalie Jones).
- HERE ON EARTH, originating lead role (director Santee Smith).
- Living Rituals World Indigenous Dance Festival.
- DIVI SHADENDE (director Belinda James).

Modern Dance, Ballet, Opera and Circus including:

- Michael Mao Dance NYC , originating lead roles on tours of USA, Norway and Canada).
- Peridance NYC at the Joyce Theater NYC , originating lead role of Missa Criolla by Miguel ValdezMor.
- “The River” with Karen Jamieson Dance Co,Canada – originating lead role.
- Redwood Empire Ballet, CA – originating lead roles.
- Berkshire Ballet, MA originating solo role in work of Daryl Gray.
- New York Grand Opera , “Il Trovatore” in Central Park.
- Catskill Ballet Theater, NY.
- Wise Fool Solstice Circus, Taos NM, originating solo role.
- One Railroad Circus, Santa Fe NM, Originating solo role.
- In concerts of Moving People, One Soul, and freelance choreography in NYC of Louis John Porcelli, Paul Estabrook, Darrell Barnett, Maria Naidu, Antje Boeckmann and others.

Television, Video & Film performance:

- Actress: Two Moons in “The New World” (director Terrence Malick), winning AIA Best Supporting Actress award.
- Actress: Willa in “Ancestor Eyes “ (director Kalani Queypo), nominated for Best Actress in a Lead Role by the Action On Film Festival in Los Angeles.
- Actress Sheila in “Drunktown’s Finest” (Director Sydney Freeland).
- Actress: Queen UXanya in “The End/Urundun” (director Alex Meraz) (in post production).
- Dancer: Courtship solo in “Music from a Painted Cave,” PBS Special.
- Dancer: Much Music AntiRacism concert, a command performance for HRH Princes Charles,William and Harry.
- Dancer: Aboriginal Achievement Awards Ceremony.
- Dancer: Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.
- Performer /Choreographer: video art collaboration with Studio Azzaro for Site Santa Fe Biennale.
- Dancer/Choreographer: video art collaboration “Stone Stories’ installation with Susanna Carlisle for the Linda Durham Gallery.



Artist In Residence at Fort Lewis College, Colorado; creation of a community engaged ecological dance production themed around food sustainability.
2012, 2013, 2014      Weeklong residencies as International Indigenous Artist at University of California-Riverside; by invitation of Department of Critical Dance Studies.
2013      INTERCREATE, selected participant in international symposium, artistic residency, and exhibition, New Zealand.
1998 - 2002      National Dance Institute residency programs, several Native reservations in the US.



2012 - 2015
Dancing Earth Indigenous Performing Arts Summer Institutes; intensive training and creative incubation with promising national international Indigenous dancers, artists, performers.
2014 to present      Co-development of Cultural Creative Movement Program for selected New Mexico public elementary schools, Cochiti Pueblo’s Keres –speaking Montessori school, and Tesuque Pueblo Child Enrichment.
2014 - 2015      - Ft Lewis College Theater Department residency; UC Berkeley, Cal State East Bay and Sonoma State University in CA, leading Indigenous dance initiatives including first Indigenous Dance Week & Festival at CSEB.
- Arizona State University, Herberger College guest faculty, Dance Dept. with assistance from Department of Community Engagement.
- Co-Design and Leadership of Native Wellness Institute’s integrative Self-Care training for leaders and co- leadership of regional conferences of regional trainings for athletic leadership for Native Youth.
- Co-Design of “Nurturing the Source,” with Roxanne Swentzel of Flower Tree Permaculture Institute, for the Center for Performance and Civic Practice’s Catalyst Initiative.
- American Indian Studies program, University of New Mexico, “Sharing the Same Space: Creative Collaboration and Racial Healing.”
- Design of Native language/movement program with intergenerational Native community Little Nest program, Peterborough Canada.
- Design and leadership of Dancing Earth’s Summer Institute cultural arts training intensive, including international Indigenous Cultural Artist Ambassador Program (with representation including Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Fiji, New Zealand, Philippines, Sweden/India).
2010      Guest Artist/Leader, Stanford University, Institute for Diversity in the Arts’ initiative: “Race and the Environment,” semester long interdepartmental project.



Woodlands Cultural Center in Canada; University of the Arts, Xalapa Mexico; Idyllwild Summer Arts Residency, CA; Santa Fe Opera Artists in Residency program in public schools, NM; Naropa University CO; Colorado University at Boulder, CO; Humboldt University, CA; Institute of American Indian Arts, NM; La Mariposa Elementary Cultural Creative Dance program, NM; Lupe Artes, TX; Sherman Indian School, Riverside CA; Oklahoma State University, OK; San Francisco State University, CA; Art/video/dance workshops with street children of Buenos Aires during Hemispheric Encuentro of Performance and Politics, Argentina; Santa Fe Indian School mentorship workshop, NM; National Dance Institute (residencies for over 450 youth annually including 3 Indian reservations), NM; Michael Mao Dance (dance classes for ESL high school students, and visually impaired adults), NY; Culture Shock Camp (Native arts educational tour of 3 Northwestern reservations); Peridance School (yoga based classes), NY; Redwood Empire Ballet, CA (creative movement); Simon Fraser University, BC Canada (ballet); Maindance, BC Canada (ballet for adult beginners); YoHaHeeYo tour (youth workshops on Six Nations Reserve) Canada.



Dance ethnology fieldwork in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil and cultural exchange with Maori, developing with colleagues ethics of protocol for integration of traditional cultural themes into contemporary theatrical expressions; ongoing arts-based participant action research in the Four Corner region of the United States with Native communities.


- Essay in Dance Research Journal, edited by Professor J. Shea Murphy.
- Essay in forthcoming Volume ‘Red Rhythms: Contemporary Methodologies in American Indian Dance;’ editor Professor Jacqueline Shea Murphy, UC Riverside.
- Foreword for ‘HUMAN LANDSCAPES Interpreting the Human Form’; photographer and author Phillip Miller, poetry by Peter Crane. Fresco Fine Art Publications.
- Foreword for ‘100 Questions About Head and Neck Cancer’ by Elise Carper RN, Kenneth Hu MD, and Elena Kazan RN. Jones and Bartlett Publications.
- 2011 Essay for “A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit” American Indian Women Entrepreneurs' Edition. Publisher Entrepreneur Enterprises, LLC.
- 2011 Essay for LittleGlobe selection in MICA ‘s Community Arts Convening and Research Project.
- 2014 and 2015 Essays SEED JOURNAL.
- 2008 Article “Dance With Cancer’ for Native Beauty 2008.
- 2009 Article for ‘Sun Monthly Women’s Panel.
- 2004-5 Creative Writing/Poetry for Red Ink , Vol. 11, No. 2, 2003.



- Visiting Distinguished Scholar and panelist on Ethnic Profiling in the Arts, Washington University.
- Aboriginal Women’s Symposium Keynote address and panelist, Trent University Canada.; Sarah Lawrence College NY; Rutgers University, NJ; United Nations School NY; Ecole de Beaux Arts, Paris; Universite de Montpellier, France.
- Invited Panelist for: “Journeys Through Knowledge” (a health and wellness conference for Northeastern Native youth), RI; Washington University, panelist on Ethnic Profiling in the Arts; Staging Sustainability conference,Toronto; Indigenous arts and sustainability panel; BIONEERS conference; Panel for Indigenous Wisdom Forum.
- UC Riverside Red Rhythms Dance Conference panelist and subsequent guest speaker /educator for Indigenous Choreographers Symposiums 2004 to present.
- Conference for Society of Dance Historians, Banff Centre for Arts, Canada.
- Santa Fe Art Institute, NM.


(partial list)

- Creative Change Retreat, the Opportunity Agenda.
- Living Stories Collaborative with Little Globe, for co-design a pilot template of best practices to enhance creativity in NM.
- Cultural mentorships by elders of Grand Canyon Trust, Cultural Conservancy, Native Wellness Institute and more.
- Anti Oppression Workshops with Wise Fool Circus, NM Opportunity Agenda Retreat for Creative Change.
- Aboriginal Choreographers Workshop at Banff Centre for Arts and Leadership.
- Cultivating Womens Leadership retreat.
- International Aboriginal Choreographers Workshop in Toronto.
- UC Riverside Red Rhythms Conference on American Indian Contemporary Dance.
- World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education.
- Hemispheric Institute of NYU’s Fifth Encuentro of Performance and Politics in Brasil - theme “Performing Heritage: Contemporary Indigenous and Community based Practices.”
- Hemispheric Institute of NYU’s Sixth Encuentro of Performance and Politics in Argentina - theme “Corpopoliticas: Body Politics in the Americas.
- Little Globe conference for Community Art Practices.
- Women’s Earth Alliance leadership seminar, Bioneers National Dance Institute Teacher Training.
- Native Wellness Institute: Women’s Wellness and Leadership.
- Santa Fe Opera Artists in Residence Professional Development Workshops.
- Redwood Empire Ballet teacher training; Laban-based Creative Movement and Harkness Kinaesthetic Curriculum with David Howard, Maria Vegh, Anne Hebard.
- Harvard Grad School of Education, 3 non-matriculating courses:
- “Art as Knowing” with professor Meryl Goldberg.
- “Project Zero: the Study of Creativity” with professor Howard Gardner.
- “Community Decision Making: Dominant and SubDominant partnerships” with Professor Chuck Willie.
- Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Professional Development Scholarship, Toronto.
- Aboriginal Choreographers Workshop, Banff Centre for the Arts.
- National Performance Network Annual Conference for presenters and artists.


(partial list)

- “Compassion” - fundraiser for cancer treatments for performers without healthcare (honoree).
- Native American Aids Project, CA (guest performer for 2 years).
- Benefit for IAIA student cancer survivor, NM (organizer and performer).
- Wise Fool Circus “Feast of Fools,” NM (assistant).
- “Under the Stars We Dance” scholarship fundraiser for students in seven different dance forms, Santa Fe Opera (collaborating choreographer and performer).
- IAIA Scholarship Fundraiser.
- Rotary Club event honoring artist Nora Naranjo Morse.



- UNESCO recognized International Council of Dance.
- Union Actress, Screen Actors Guild, Full Voting Member.
- Associate member, Native Wellness Institute.
- Associate company member, Wise Fool New Mexico (Circus Arts for Social Justice).
- Artist member, National Performance Network.







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Water protectors in New Mexico , this is what is happening NOW

Heading to rehearsal for SEEDS RE GENERATION ; enjoy this video of a dance one of our dancers created and performed last year ! Justin Giehm is amazing !

Is there anything better than a champion hoop dancer who is deep humanist and committed to cultural renewal ? Two of them ! The Sampson Bros. , Samsoche Sampson and Lumhe Sampson - brought to you by Seneca...

I am so proud and humbled that First Nations peoples are making plans to come to the Kennedy Center for our SEEDS REGENERATION performance April 26. We will invite Indigenous peoples to stand onstage for the opening protocols...




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