FEB 2016


On Feb 20th, Rulan shares a master class with community of Santa Fe, NM on  Feb 20th, from 2-4 pm at MOVE on san Mateo, Santa Fe ( street enter nr those big stone pieces on North side ) – actual entrance is glass door to right of Clusiau Designs for info on space www.MOVEdcp.com
Cost is sliding scale $20-$50
Those who would like to attend and were not part of the below thread pls make comment below so we can hold a spot for you .
I look forward to seeing you soon ; I will be on tour for most of spring so this will be the final session for the season .
Thank you !
All levels are welcomed to experience a journey into indigenous embodiment in this special DANCING EARTH Movement Class with internationally accomplished Choreographer RULAN TANGEN, Director of Intertribal Contemporary Dance Company DANCING EARTH.
Through the language of dance, participants will get a unique cultural experience to grow greater capacity for understanding for life on earth.
Rulan’s classes begins with releasing the body into instinct. Movement is used to integrates the realms of the medicine wheel: body, spirit, emotions and mind. The body increases capacity for transformation, through kinetic expression the elemental life forces. She incorporates imagery to explore inner landscape of dreams and outer landscape of environment.
Her work prioritizes the breath of life and the spine as link to identity and ancestral knowledge. Through movement and sound, she explores diversity and its impact on the individual and group dynamic. She honors the innate symbolism of cultural art forms, the capacity of movement for healing, and the deep metaphors that can expressed by embodiment.
Students should be prepared to be barefoot, and are encouraged to bring water bottles, notebook and pencil for your own reflection after the session.
RULAN TANGEN is an internationally accomplished dance artist and choreographer. Her work values movement as an expression of indigenous worldview, including the honoring of matriarchal leadership, dance as functional ritual for transformation and healing, the process of decolonizing the body, and the animistic energetic connection with all forms of life on earth. She has recruited and nurtured a new generation of Indigenous contemporary dancers and holds the belief that “to dance is to live, to live is to dance.
photo credit Daniel Quat Photography for Dancing Earth

The following day, Rulan heads to Ontario Canada, for a long awaited collaboration …

” WAADEWIYEKIDEWIN – We Stand Together ” …

Rulan is excited to return to North Bay and Ottawa  for a collaboration with the extarordinary forces of nature : Penny Couchie, Christine Friday and Denise Bolduc as dramaturge/director ; each one so talented and so generous of spirit.

We have wanted to do this for so long – and at last its happening ! So empowering and powerful to work alongside experienced artists and friends…
Rulan says : ” To the ice covered Lake Nipissing that will serve as one of the studios, I bring inspiration from the Indigenous Peoples Red Line of resistance at the Climate Change Summit , in solidarity with respected friend Pennie Opal Plant ( seen in front of several of these images), and Gerardo Omar Marin of Rooted In Community. When I first saw these images manifesting , I realized I had been remembering the future, with this symbol of interconnectedness in my dreamscape for 20 yrs and in my choreography for the last 10. I now educate it to this collective Indigenous energy towards restoring balance . Younger artists, let this hearten and inspire you, to make dances that build and sustain relationships, with friends, faraway people, land, ancestors, and the earth –  for that is what is lastingIENCOP21D12-9-1024x683 !”

Stay tuned for info about community open rehearsal in North Bay at the Aanmitaagzi Center week of Feb 22, and in Ottawa week of Feb 29th …




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