Interdisciplinary Collaborators



randolph-300x300Randolph Duke (Costume Designer)
…..dubbed ‘Designer To The Stars’, illustrious career spans over 3 decades….creating indelible images with Iconic designer clothing, Creative Directing and Resurrecting the infamous Halston Brand and dressing the most famous women in the world including Angelina Jolie, Hilary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Charlize Theron, Britney Spears, Barbra Streisand, Beyoncé, and countless others…His name is synonymous with timeless style and glamour and his fashions have graced the most prestigious publications, television shows and movie screens having costumed several fashion-centric films such as ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’! His design aesthetic has led him more recently in to the worlds of interior and architectural design having been featured on the cover of Architectural Digest and winning the AIA ‘Architectural Institute of America’s’ prestigious Best Residential Design Award in 2008 for his now infamous ‘Openhouse’ in the Hollywood Hills. Duke created an Eco Resort in Costa Rica dubbed Casa Eclipso, and now turns his efforts to opening RANDOLPH Santa Fe in New Mexico late Fall this year! He is an award winning author having released ‘THE LOOK, A Guide To Dressing From The Inside Out’ in 2006…. dedicated to women everywhere. WWD (Womens Wear Daily) dubbed him one of the top 100 luxury brands in the world in 2001, claiming 2 spots with HALSTON at #14 and his eponymous label RANDOLPH DUKE at #58! His handprinted tattootards, and innovative ‘loops’ are featured in 2016’s  premiere of ” …seeds: re generation…”!


Connie_Wind2011CONNIE WIND WALKER (Costume Designer, Aerial Coach, Performer)
maintains a private art and design business, Wind Walker Design LLC, with education including undergraduate dance and multi media art studies at the University of New Mexico, and artistic merit scholarship as a design and fashion major at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

She is a multi media artist, encompassing fine arts, music, theatre, puppetry, mask making, performing arts, and more. With a focus in design using two-dimensional design and color theory, Connie works with graphite, ink, watercolor, gouche in fine art, and in fashion illustration for her apparel/costume design/construction, with emphasis on eco-friendly and re-purposed materials. A unique fusion of Flamenco, modern dance, and oriental Belly dance influences Ms Wind’s performing, including fire dance and aerial Dance, using Trapeze and Lyra (aerial hoop). These are among the skills she brings to companies including Wise Fool New Mexico and Dancing Earth. She has contributed innovative designs using re-purposed and organic materials, as well as tattoo-design patterning, in her exciting designs for Dancing Earth.


cherylCheryl Odom (Costume Designer)
(BFA Acting, MFA Costume Design) has designed costumes, and occasionally sets, for the College of Santa Fe (Faculty Costume Designer for 29 years), the Mark Taper Forum, various Equity-waiver theaters in Los Angeles, UCLA, California State University at Northridge, Sacramento Music Circus, PCPA Theaterfest, Shakespeare in Santa Fe, New Mexico Repertory, Santa Fe Playhouse, the Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe Repertory, Music Theater Southwest, Dancing Earth, Theatre Grottesco, and Teatro Paraguas to name a few. She also designed “Cole Porter, the Musical” and “The 39 Steps” at The Santa Fe Playhouse. Her ‘desert layers’ and ‘seed ancestor dress’ were highlighted in the 2015-16 touring of Dancing Earth.


jose-luis2010JOSE LUIS MONCADA (Costume Designer)
A native of El Paso, TX has been dancing since the age of 16. He started his career performing with the El Paso Association for the Performing Arts. He has danced and performed with NM Ballet Co., Ballet Theatre of NM, Moving People Dance, Baila! Baila!, and Ballet Folklorico Rio Grande. Joe has trained and competed in the professional American Rhythm division in Ballroom Dancing for over 10 years, receiving awards in his professional division including top teacher for numerous Pro-Am competitions with Fred Astaire Dance World. He now shares his time between teaching his students to reach a higher level of competitive ballroom dancing and exhibition dancing. When not wearing his dance shoes, Joe is dedicated to the design and construction of his beautiful and very creative dance costumes from professional dancers and dance companies in New Mexico and beyond.



marama2010MARAMA (Costume Designer)
is a creative force as a dancer, teacher , artist and fashion designer, of the tribes Ngati Kahu and Te Rarawa. She lives in the beautiful bush of the Waitakere Ranges, producing her fashion  from her studio in Titirangi, and retailing at the Moa Unlimited shop in Aukland. Marama garments are hand printed with contemporary indigenous designs  by Ojasvi Kingi Davis and express the beautiful mana and beauty not only of her land and people, but of Indigenous culture. Collaborations with fashion, film, and dance began between Marama and Rulan in 2002 at the Banff Centre and developed into a collaborative invitation for a contingent of Maoris under Korou Productions to work with DANCING EARTH at Idyllwild Arts in summer 2007. Marama’s fashions were featured on Rulan for the cover of NATIVE PEOPLES magazine in fall 2004 and onstage in Of Bodies Of Elements (2009-11)


marionMarion Wasserman (Video Designer / Visual Art Collaborator)
Educated in Philosophy and Eastern Religion, Wasserman explores themes of Prana, consciousness, transformation, and archetypes in her video work. Influenced by her years as a painter, she layers images and timelines into visual stories. Incorporating video into a sculptural installation has led Wasserman to create stories contained in a new context or new realm.  Her collaborations with Dancing Earth have been exhibited in New Zealand (Puke Ariki Museum and Te Papa Museum), London, California, Center for Southwest Studies and the New Mexico State Capitol for the ECO-ZOIC ERA exhibition curated by Bobbe Besold. She recently received an MFA from the Transart Institute, Plymouth University, 2015.

kateKate Sweetser (Durango – Costume Manager)
A recent transplant to Durango from the east coast, Kate has worked in costuming and props for the past ten years on over 15 stage productions and is now supporting Dancing Earth with their 2016 Fort Lewis residency.



venaya-300x300Venaya Yazzie (Community Art Collaborator – Diné/Hopi)
Venaya was raised in are of the San Juan Valley in NM, she was born into the Manyhogans clan. She is an alumnus IAIA, Fort Lewis College and UNM where she earned an M.A. She has previously worked with the Bisti Writing Project and is a member of the Navajo Heritage Museum Board. Her community engaged mandala or organic materials and her curated Water is Life exhibition was included in Dancing Earth’s residency at Ft Lewis Conceret Hall, as exhibited in Center for Southwest Studies and open courtyard. Her futuristic regalia was worn by the dancers in the opening improvisational outdoor ritual!


kinoKino Benally (DJ)
Kino Benally is Diné Producer, DJ, and Composer from Shiprock, NM. He is always looking for new sounds and collaborations to create sonic art. His live DJ mixes and original compositions have been featured in two Dancing Earth full length productions in at Ft Lewis Concert hall, as well as on tour to Planet IndigenUs and MacMichaels Gallery in Toronto, Canada.



leland2010LELAND CHAPIN (Collaborating Artist, Arts Educator, Body Painter)
is a multi-cultural artist and teacher who has collaborated in learning with a wide range of people around art and social justice issues. He has lived & worked in Panama, Washington DC, New Mexico’s Navajo Nation, Philadelphia, and El Salvador. Inspired by the work of The Center for the Support of Native Lands (, of which his father is the founding director, Leland has been working on a series called Body, Land, Maps; a multi-media, live painting, and dance installation, exploring stolen lands, displaced peoples, and environmental conservation strategies.  Since 2007, Body Land Maps has been presented in Santa Fe, NM and in Buenos Aires, Argentina with choreographer Rulan Tangen. Leland’s body painting has been featured on DANCING EARTH performers at presentations in California, New Mexico, and Arizona, and he led DANCING EARTH art workshops for youth at the Idyllwild Native Summer Residency.



RAS K’DEE  (Pomo Native hiphop artist with 3 independent albums, one mentioned on top ten list of Village Voice in 2003)

BARRETT MARTIN  (international percussion composer, Masters in anthropology, linguistics and ethnomusicology, founder of Fast Horse Recordings world music and jazz label)

JENNIFER BEN (ASU student and classical cellist, composing integrating her Dine heritage)

ARIANE ESTRADA (Orff certified music educator in Bay Area public schools, percussion accompaniment for Danza Folklorico)

We also are honored for many acclaimed Native musicians to give permissions for their tracks, or re-mixed excerpts to be featured in Dancing Earth productions including Tanya Tagaq Gillis, Cris Derksen, Frank Waln, Orchestral Powwow Project, Pura Fe, Jennifer Kreisberg, Soni Moreno, Quetzal Guerrero, AudioPharmacy, Desirae Harp, Tasheena Sarazin.


Jaque Fragua (SWAIA Rising Artist)
Ehren K Natay (SWAIA Rising Artist)


Sherwin Bitsui (Native Ats and Cultures Fund winner of fellowship for Artistic Innovation in Literature)


Sina Soul, Cris Derksen, Tanya Gillis, Don Peyote, Women of Vanuatu, Pamyua, Ehren K Natay, Edgardo Moreno, Dean Baltesson, Barrett Martin, Alejandro Aguerre

Costume Designers

Cheryl Dee with Mannie Jacobo, Consuelo Pascual, Connie Wind Walker and IAIA interns Tahnee Growing Thunder and Donna Hall

Video Artists

Marion Wasserman of Elemental Designs with DOP Louis Leray
Anthony Lopez

Aerial Choreographer

Deirdre Morris

Video Documentarians

James Lujan with IAIA interns Nick and Calvin Blackhorse Lowe

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