JULY 2008

Rulan began teaching a weekly class offered at sliding scale to Native youth of Santa Fe, at the Railyard Performance Space on Thursdays. All ages welcome, this class is attracting many children of the local art community. No child turned away for lack of funds, because Rulan believes that dance should be accessible to all.

Meanwhile, Rulan’s movement can be seen this month in collabrative projects with major video artists. STONE STORIES , created with Susanna Carlisle, is on view at the Linda Durham Art Gallery. Also, at the SITE Santa Fe Biennale, the Studio Azzaro presented a major video artwork including participation from community members as well as Rulan in motion. Stills and clips can be viewed at http://c1h2.net, under the installations titled:Catherine Wheel
Hudson Morning
Fire Within
Stone Stories IV
Stone Stories II
Collars and Cuffs
Red Silk

video still from Susanna Carlisle's Stone Stories

video still from Susanna Carlisle's Stone Stories

Ms Tangen also taught movement workshop at IAIA for Gary Farmer’s new theater studies class.

In Los Angeles, Rulan was invited to attend a performance of Rafael Amargo’s ‘Tiempo Muerto’. This experimental flamenco dancer is excited about the possibility of collaborating with DANCING EARTH and presenting the work in Spain, France and New York.

On location at Abiqui Lake, Rulan modelled for notable photographer Joe McNally for a instructional photo/video project he is developing.
In the Bay Area, Rulan also attended the Tahiti Fete, supporting friends and relatives competing in the exciting dance championships


DANCING EARTH is an ensemble of performance artists under the direction of choreographer Rulan Tangen, representing many First Nations. We gather as individual artists to create experimental yet elemental dances that reflect our rich cultural heritage and to explore identity as contemporary Native peoples. We are passionately committed to Indigenous contemporary dance as primal yet articulate movement - blood memory in motion - that speaks to all beings. We believe in dance as an expression that can illuminate issues of cultural, historical, philosophical, mythic, and spiritual relevance.

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