July 2012

Last 2 weeks of DANCING EARTH’s Cultural Creative Movement program for youth of Tesuque Pueblo, ages 3-12 !

DANCING EARTH cultural creative movement program has been received with much enthusiasm with youth k-12th in 8 states, USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brasil .

With exercises designed for development of kinetic intelligence through body awareness, coordination, and creative expression , students gain confidence, stamina, relaxation and a balanced integration of mind/body/spirit/emotions. Students develop individual expressivity as well as cooperation with group collective.


We are honored to be offering movement classes for the first time this summer to youth of Tesuque Pueblo. Professional performing artists ,  from DANCING EARTH’s amazing roster will work with children ages 3-12 on a diverse array of dance forms. sharing skills with guest sessions in creative movement, choreography, rhythms, social dance,  jazz, powwow and martial arts.


JULY 16-20 Rulan joins Native Wellness Institute in Arizona, to lead dance workshops at the Athletic Leadership Camp alongside Native athletic coaches Robert Johnston and Wade McGee !



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