June 2012



( Photo by Henry Weinstein)

DANCING EARTH embarks on our most significant project to date, as advocated by Native grandmothers across the globe. The mission : to create dances on behalf of the healing of Water – of our bodies, and of the planet.

We wish to gather Indigenous voices to share our perspectives on this crucial theme. In order to symbolize the individual and the collective,  we respectfully invite you to participate in contributing a sound clip which will be collaged into the opening soundscape – giving context to the diversity of Indigenous interest in the healing of Water.

For more info of how to send your sound clip, pls contact dancingearth2012@gmail.com


USA PROJECTS FUNDRAISER! You can be a part of this inclusive dance of water by contributing your support ! We are sincerely grateful for all those who have already contributed their donations, from $10-$1000, and invite everyone with interest in Indigenous cultures, dance, water, or the environment to circulate this to other friends with these interests !

Here is link to see video and learn more !



“Jiigbiing: at the edge where the water and the earth meet”
( image by Jennifer Esperanza, of DANCING EARTH at Bioneers 2011)

June brings Rulan to Trent University as Artistic Director of the Indigenous Performance Initiative’s ZHISHODEWE ( Anishinaabeg : “At Waters Edge ), the first summer of a multi year exploration of the water theme invoked for DANCING EARTH cycle of “Walking At the Edge of Water “ . She will be working with Canadian Aboriginal performing artists , cultural consultants and community members on research and exploration of local water issues, including connection to local plants and animals. She was invited to create “Gaabinjigabaa’aang” – a site-specific dance performance honoring the Anishinaabeg Skywoman –  alongside William Kingfisher’s visual art exhibition “ Jiigbiing”  to be presented at the Art Gallery of Peterborough during the opening of the Ode’min Giizis Festival  530 Pm on Wednesday  June 20th :


“ Gaabinjigabaa’aang: where we came ashore, following the flood at the end of the first world “
ZHISHODEWE’s creative explorations will culminate in public showing  at he Nozhem Theater on June 26-27, please contact Rulan@dancingearth.org for more info



Cuicacalli brings San Francisco’s Mission District youth into rhythm and motion again this summer with an inclusive music and dance program with field trips to local museums and sites, for more info pls contact cuicacalli.sf@gmail.com 

Meanwhile congrats to the Cuicacalli students and Director Jacoh Cortes for their third year appearance at the famed Carnaval Festical at the end of May !

Meanwhile, DANCING EARTH prepares for two amazing summer programs in New Mexico : working with youth 3-12 years old in Tesuque NM in the Cultural Creative Movement program . Lisa Nevada coordinates a diverse array of movement sessions including Creative Movement,  Powwow, Choreography, Modern Dance, Capoeira, Rhythms, Social Dance, and Jazz, with DANCING EARTH’s acclaimed performer instructors Deollo Johnson, Nichole Salazar, Ehren Natay and Erika Archer in June- July.


Coming up in August is DANCING EARTH’s first Indigenous Summer Dance Intensive. With gracious support from National Dance Institute for studio space, dancers from Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico,  Arizona and Canada will be receiving scholarships to study in full immersion including DANCING EARTH training and repertory, Choreography, Somatic Archaeology, Capoeira, Afro Haitian, Powwow, All –Terrain outdoor work, Culture and Language Sharing, Spoken Word Poetry, Chi Gung, Paga and Gaga techniques. For more info please contact DancingEarth2012@gmail.com

above and below images by PauloTPhotography





We are looking for healthy food catering from August 1-12, please contact the above email if you may be able to help !

( add sticks w 3 sisters by AMT production with credit of DANCING EARTH in costume for dances related to Indigenous gardening with sticks, and crops of corn, beans and squash )


The Rising Artists Project

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico—The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) and Nativo Lodge, a Heritage Hotel & Resort will host three artists, Jaque Fragua, Lynnette Haozous, and Ehren Natay, for one-week residencies in June as part of the Rising Artists Project, a new artist-in-residence program geared toward early-career Native American artists in New Mexico.  The three residencies will culminate in an opening reception, June 30, 2012, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The schedules for the residencies are as follows:  Jaque Fragua, June 11-15; Lynnette Haozous, June 17-23; Ehren K. Natay, June 25-29. Visitors are welcome to visit the artists “in-studio” as they work.

SWAIA and Nativo Lodge invite the public to the opening reception of the Rising Artists Project, June 30, 2012 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Nativo Lodge (6000 Pan American Freeway NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109), which will feature a DJ, refreshments, and a cash bar.


Support Wintu People’s Civil disobedience on McCloud River :

www.winnememwintu.usThe Winnemem Wintu Tribe of Northern California will

Excerpts from the film “Water: The Great Mystery” 

Directed by Anastaysia Popova / Documentary / 82 min. / 2008 /


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