March 2012

National Hispanic Cultural Center celebrates “Women in Creativity” month in March !


ALBUQUERQUE – Dancing Earth, the nation’s award-winning Indigenous contemporary dance ensemble, is proud to announce “Night of Stars*Moon*Water,” its first festival of Indigenous performing arts,  in partnership with the National Hispanic Cultural Center. This unique event, moving from powwow to poetry and percussion in a vital and riveting expression of diversity, will take place on Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th at 8 PM in the NHCC’s Albuquerque Journal Theatre, Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts

“Night of Stars*Moon*Water*” features international  Indigenous performing artists, including Dancing Earth’s own soloists, Ananya Dance Theater of Minneapolis who works in contemporary idiom incorporating Odissi dance of India, Orixa dances,  guest alumna from the Santa Fe Indian School Poetry Team, Miss Blackfoot Nation of Canada 2008, and unforgettable songstress Sina Soul.  Each will take to the stage in a stunning solo that highlights their special talents like stars shining in the night.  Showcasing the individual humanity at the core of devotion to the emerging field of Indigenous contemporary arts, these courageous, innovative performers embody the essence of what it means to bring culture to life.

The festival will support the creation of Dancing Earth’s new work, an eco-production dedicated to awareness of Native perspectives on water. In honor of this upcoming theme, festival performances will culminate in a multidisciplinary improvisation about water, with vocals, rhythms, movement, and poetry combining in a ritual of intention.

Tickets for “Night of Stars*Moon*Water” are $15, $20, and $25, and can be purchased in person at the NHCC box office at 505 724 4771 , or at the Center’s website at The NHCC is located at 1701 4th Street SW on the corner of 4th Street and Avenida César Chávez.


HERE ARE SOME LINKS TO SOME OF THE AMAZING GUEST PERFORMERS BELOW ! : Soul is a Zulu Queen, ordained by Afrika Bambaata, curandera & griot, named Wumei or ‘beautiful warrior’ by Mokotaidejekan. She womanifests a synthesized shamanic sound that synthesizes harmonic healing with a soothing of the senses.Her proliferation as an international underground icon stems from work as a multi-lingual lyrical activist & multi-instrumental vocalist to Hip Hop Culture educator & lecturing socioethnomusicoloist. In layman’s terms, Soul sings in 8 languages, is a trained classical pianist, a fierce percussionist and a true JazzMaster of the voice  : Artistic director Ananya Chatterjea, lauded by Ms. Magazine as one of the “choreographers who are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a woman and a dancer,” founded ADT in 1996 after witnessing political theater as a form of consciousness-raising in communities of color. Using the Indian classical-dance form Odissi as her choreographic starting point, Chatterjea innovated a style that articulates social critique while advancing artistic excellence. Her original choreographic model for practice and performance transforms the company’s factual research, storytelling and creative activities into metaphor and movement with the power to changes viewers’ lives



We are excited to announce our first Summer Dance Arts intensive, click here for announcement, and please contact for application, due March 31st !





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