MARCH 2016 Newsletter – Equinox | Red-Generation SW Tour!

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DANCING EARTH © Paulo T. Photography photo asst: Claire Decroix dancer: Lupita Salazar

© Paulo T. Photography
photo asst: Claire Decroix
dancer: Lupita Salazar

Thanks to : Grand Canyon Trust’s Teahonna James and Tony Skrelunas have arranged a tour to many of the communities represented by these amazing farmers, artists, martial artists and cultural advocates. Melissa Vuletich and Michael Reed invited us to perform at ADSU Gammage Hall, with Professor David Martinez facilitating lecture and workshop for Native Studies. Thanks to Kate and Lupita for welcoming us to Flagstaff’s Earth Day, to Angela Rosenkranz for the invite to Maricopa Community College, Susanna Keita for invite to Grand Canyon University, Andi Nicola for understudying, Gabriela Perky and Stacie Tsingine for assisting with tour coordination


Rulan is developing a solo work. She has been gifted by permissions of Pennie Opal Plant to dance to the words of the the Indigenous Treaty Defending Mother Earth. Here are some images from the COP21 summit in Paris, which are inspiring the solo. This red line, like an umbilical connecting humans to trees, water, humans, earth , has been a theme since Rulan’s earliest choreography and is returning strong – the earth is speaking and many artists around the world have been awakening to similar imagery, resonating the dream of the earth herself !

Images from Cop21 Indigenous Rising and Indigenous Environmental Network


IN COLORADO, Dancing Earth’s work with local communities in several locations was highlighted in an interview with Marcus Renner for ART OF LOCALISM PROJECT, to be presented at Durango Public Library, click here for details :

The first presentation on Thursday, March 24th from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. will focus on arts and culture in our region and in addition to my interviews with artists, arts organizations, and artisans will include summaries of the results from the Artist/Artisan and Gallery surveys that Local First has sponsored this year.
The second presentation will be on Tuesday, March 29th from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. and will focus on the localist movement in our region and my interviews with advocates for local food, local energy generation, recycling of local waste streams, and local business.

From January through March, guest movement sessions were held for Institute of American Indian Arts’ Performing Arts Department ( Thank you Daniel Banks and Ty Defoe !), for the artists of the Devised Performance Class, as they create a new work named NATIONS OF THE MOON , in response to wolf stories, which will preview at the AIHEC conference in Minnesota. Stay tuned for details !
And, a wonderful dance class for dedicated advanced students at National Dance Institute of New Mexico at Hiland Theater in Albuquerque ( Thank you Evelyn Cisneros)
And community workshops at the Pomegranate Dance Studios ( thank you Mary Arose for your help in organizing !)

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