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Dancing Earth
Dancing Earth1 day ago
Join us!

Dancing Earth and Friends: A RAP free performance- event: Sunday, August 19 at 5:30 PM - 7 PM MDT,
Santa Fe Railyard Park

Dancing Earth’s summer artists and alumnae bring performative action in protest to fracking on sacred lands and in protection of sacred waters. This dance specifically references the Greater Chaco Region

Other local artists will participate with art, music, poetry, and voice inspired by the land and water.

This event is a RAP (Railyard Art Project) is free and for all of us. Other collaborators include Water is Life Community New Mexico and Confluence Collective

Bring your friends and family, elders and young ones. Picnicking encouraged!

Link to event page:
Dancing Earth
Dancing Earth4 days ago
This free event will happen on Sunday evening. It includes stories connected to the Greater Chaco Region as interpreted by the dancers of Dancing Earth.
Dancing Earth
Dancing Earth6 days ago
Please join Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations for a rare local performance of a new work in progress about renewable energy featuring our Summer Institute cultural artist ambassadors at SOL FOR ALL this Thursday August 16th, 5:30-7:30pm, Santa Fe Farmers Market Pavillion! Special guests include: DJ Beeso and musician Ehren Kee Natay, both of of Dine Nation, and poetry by the local, brilliantly articulate Native women Beata Tsosie and Lyla June.

Experience the power and beauty of Indigenous dance at SOL FOR ALL.

Refreshments available at the beautiful Farmers Market Pavilion which will be transformed by mobile activations throughout the space!

Admission: $50 per person. All proceeds benefit community solar project and the advancement of solar legislation.
Dancing Earth
Dancing Earth7 days ago
Happening now: Our annual Summer Institute of intensive culture creative incubation, exchange and relationship building convenes local, national, and global indigenous artists in the homelands of Abaachi, Dine, Tewa, Towa and Keres - an unforgettably beautiful high desert landscape that has been danced and sung into renewal by these original peoples since the beginning of time.

Locales include Ghost Ranch whose mission is “to embrace one another, peace and social justice, careful stewardship of the Earth and the resources entrusted to us, respectful of people on various quests and of different beliefs and perspectives,” tipis on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, a rancho in Canones, Santa Clara Feast Day, and Academy for the Love of Learning whose mission is “is to awaken, enliven, nurture and sustain the natural love of learning in people of all ages. We seek to encourage and cultivate the powers of critical thought, imagination, curiosity, innate sense of purpose, wonder and inspiration, and an ongoing awakening of the heart.”

During their stay, artists will have the opportunity to explore their artistic practice in relationship to the host First Nations peoples and practices. Special thanks to the incredibly generous and knowledgeable hosts, the Pesata family of Jicarilla Abaachi, Salazar family in Canones, and Santa Clara Pueblo. With a collective consideration of renewable energy from practical, spiritual, and cultural perspectives, we renew Dancing Earth’s long relations with our local Native communities every summer in humble respect for their resilience through 500 years of colonial oppression. This region is unforgettably vibrant and powerful with language and distinctive cultural cosmologies. Since 2012, a constellation of diverse artists gather together to embody this respectful relationship with original peoples of this high desert, while exploring relationship and relevance to their own cultural identities, to the earth , and to each other. Together we grow lifelong relationships and ongoing opportunities for cultural exchange. In this current political moment, it is vital that we nurture practices of solidarity, love and understanding of our personal and collective cultural histories and connect across colonial borders of land and waters.

As spoke by our Havasupai cultural advisor James Uqualla “When our teachers are no longer human ...”

Photo capturing a moment during our land dance exchange with rocks, clouds, branches, ants, bees, hawks, yucca and many more relatives
Dancing Earth
Dancing Earth shared Rowen White's post.2 weeks ago
The Indigenous Dancers who are gathered and working together via Dancing Earth this August will go to visit Roxanne Swentzell later in the month.

We honor Roxanne as an artist and as a keeper of the land/Earth.

Apart from being a world renowned sculptor, her expression of Native permaculture and stewardship is a model that we can all learn from and we greatly admire.


3 days ago
PLS SIGN THIS PETITION + SPREAD THE WORD | Drop the Immigration Charges Against Marco Senghor, Community Leader and Bay Area Icon...
2 weeks ago
The Indigenous Dancers who are gathered and working together via Dancing Earth this August will go to visit Roxanne Swentzell later in the month.

We honor Roxanne as an artist and as a keeper of the...
3 weeks ago
This is the Dancing Earth performance you all have been waiting for ! Dancing futurities ! Energies of sun, moon , stars to deepen our humanity and express our grateful connection to cosmos !
3 weeks ago
Thinking with love of our friends in Guahan , and continued decolonization efforts against seemingly insurmountable forces , but starting here with indigenous nourishment as the seed ..
3 weeks ago
Thank you California Natives for your resilience . In October Dancing Earth hemispheric and global indigenous artists move in solidarity to center voices of collaborators of Costonoan Ohlone , Pomo and...



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