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so proud of our associate dance training program of Cuicacalli Escuela de Danza y Compañia in Yelamu ( San Francisco) , directed by the brilliant Dancing Earth alumna Jesus Jacoh Cortes ( former soloist if...

Blessed to share the stage Feb 28 with incomparably generous guest artists of Dancing Earth , with the rich cultural artistry of @Vni Dansi , on program with powerhouse women Barbara Diablo and Jo Clancy - the forces are gathering !!

I am so pleased to honor Ohlone culture carrier Corrina Gould, with a dance work I made with UCB students, as a performative response to her re-mapping of campus, by re-story-ing from her historical...

Congratulations to Powwow dancer Phillip Bread for this profile which highlights his identity , dance regalia , and Comanche perspectives within Native fashion !



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