October 2012


What an intense and amazing experience to shareSina-by-PauloT 2 the
with our community, at the Lensic Theater last month!

Some selected audeince comments,
and a
Link to a Review:

“THANK YOU for inspiring, divining and dancing such a courageous, challenging and confronting, powerful, gorgeous and stunning performance.”
– Amber Gray, Continuum

“I felt a healing, I felt a shift, I felt my ancestors.”
– Charles Fox, NATVN
“Completely exquisite, compelling, humbling, and
gorgeous performance tonight at the Lensic Thank you
thank you all!! Blessings everyone!!”
– YH, Photographer

“Just returned from the Lensic. You are a great gift to
Santa Fe and to the world of DANCE. Please perform
again soon. No one should miss your performance.
You have put together an art form that inspires, stirs
passion, and makes the viewer want more and more.”
– Jane Sauer, Gallery Owner

A gracious thanks to the many audience members who have shared their heartfelt impressions of our work!

Nimkii_Lensic_1_8x10_FB 2COMING UP INNOVEMBER!

DANCING EARTH is invited to present a short excerpt of WALKING AT THE EDGE OF WATER in Albuquerque at UNM’s Carlisle South Arena studio theater, on
November 10th 2012, for the Congress on Research in Dance!

CORD promotes a globally inclusive respectful dialogue around embodied and discursive approaches to dance research. Building on the rich legacy of dance scholarship, CORD advances innovative and creative understandings of dance. Through mentorship, advocacy, and outreach, CORD fosters an international community of current and future dance leaders.
http://www.cordance. org/2012schedule


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