October 2009

GRACIAS, THANK YOU, PILOMNIA, MERCI, MEEGWETCH, KENAH To All the Sante Fe Performers, Volunteers, and Community who came out for the standing room only “KANTI-KANTI” fundraiser ! La Mujere giant puppet from Wise Fool beckoned in the crowds who were then blessed by the Aztec dancers – their tall feather headdresses casting shadows onto the stunning Sunflower printed textiles by Om Wall Art. Four Native youth joined Dancing Earth’s 3 female soloists, followed by a capoeira circle by Berimbau Capoeira and the entrancing classical buitar duo of Sol Y Luna. The goddesses of Mosaic Dance company danced to Indian and middle eastern music, then Smokin Bachi’s precise Taiko drumming preceded the haunting and mysterious butoh-influenced solo by Deirdre Bond. The show closed with audience participation in Agalu’s drum set, then exotic fire dance outdoors by Fuego de Amor and amazing DJ-ing by Fiyah. Thank to all of you for your support of the vibrant cultural diaspora in Santa Fe !
Oct 12-15 Rulan assists with Native Wellness Institute’s health awareness sessions at the National Congress of American Indian at Palm Springs Convention Center in California. Join us for sunrise yoga out on the lawn, then indoors in the Trade Room we will offer Stretch and Tone, Chair exercises, healthy cooking demonstrations and more.

Oct 30-Nov 1 :

Please come to DESERT BOTANICAL GARDENS in Phoenix, where DANCING EARTH will present choreography for the DIAS DE LOS MUETROS celebration! The traditional theme is interpreted through from contemporary Native viewpoint, exploring death and renewal with themes of ghost dance, birds swooping over death scaffolds and then spreading seeds for flowers and corn.

Performances will be held:

Oct 30 and 31, Friday and Sat evening at Ullman Terrace, between 7-9

Oct 31 and Nov 1, Sat and Sunday afternoon at Boppart Courtyard, estimated between 3-4

Sunday Nov 1 430 pm procession through Desert Botanical Gardens

Please join us!

RTangen in TREE OF LIFE TIME OF DROUGHT fotoJeannetteTorres

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