October 2010

Comments from St Louis audiences last month include:

“Symphonic !” – Charlie Rose, Director of Edison Theatre

” Epic!” – Seventh Grader, St Louis

We were especially excited that our visit to St Louis inspired the Unversity’s first Farmers Market – in reflection of our dance tributes to the Indigenous planting techniques as well as the  Three Sisters ( Corn Beans Squash) , and the  Dance of Sunflowers.. farmers’ market poster draft 2

St Louis Outreach activities included sessions with youth of the Juvenile Detention Center, Natice scholars at the Buder Center for Social Work, students of environmental students, dance dept and social work.

In October:

DANCING EARTH is the first dance company invited to inaugurate the stage of Indiana State University at South Bend, on Monday evening October 4th. Only 1.5 hrs from Chicago, for all of our Chicago friends !

Campus Auditorium, Northside Hall
Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts
Indiana University South Bend (IUSB)
IUSB Box Office phone: (574) 520-4203

We were honored to see distinguished inter-tribal Native community members of South Bend attend and enjoy the show.

One memorable quote:

“I didn’t understand everything I saw up there on that stage , but my heart felt good. Keep on doin what you are doin”

Chief, Don “White Wolf” Myers of the Lone Wolf Band of Chicamauga. From South Bend Indiana performance

Thank you Carolynn , or the Cherokee First Nation, new head of dance department , for bringing us in to open the theater to dance, and a special warm thanks to her husband for providing us with home cooking during our stay !

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