November 24, 2012
THIS Month
in the USA is Native History month, and a time to reflect on gratitude, resilience and the creativity to be able to express both.
At this season of thankfulness for harvest, we want to acknowledge our 2012 Supporters:

We gratefully acknowledge our 2012 Supporters
Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, Dance Fellowship category
Bioneers Moonrise Grant
McCune Charitable Foundation of New Mexico
Kalliopeia Foundation
New Mexico Arts
USA Projects
Margaret Schink
Lauren Embrey
Mariel Nanasi 

Corporate Sponsors

Leeann and Marshall Hunt
Elaine Reuben
Carrie Stiles
Dorothy Abbott
Cynda Arsenault
Donna Schoenherr and Ballet4Life

Nina Simons
Lee Podles
Jacqueline Shea Murphy

USA Projects Producing Partners
Raoul Trujillo
Susan Foster
Enrique Allen
Dorothy Tucker
Bruce McIntosh
Robert Godreau
Lynne Normandia
Daystar/Rosalie Jones
Rosalind Gray
Tom and Caroline Law
Robert Wood Dance
Ann Millican
Diane Karp
Nina Simmons
Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton
Deborah Fort
Adam Gibbons
Jacqueline Shea Muprhy
Kalani Queypo
Suzan Sandikcioglu
Denise H Wallace
Rita Archer
Patricia Hightower
Colleen Miniuk-Sperry
Susan Orr
Orleta Slick
Tanemahuta Gray
John Spokes
Steven Cary
Linda Grant
Jean Bruce Scott

WALKING AT THE EDGE OF WATER was made possible with generous partnership from the Lensic, IAIA in celebration of their 50th Anniversary, and the Santa Fe Arts Institute – which promotes art as a positive social force through residencies, lectures, studio workshops, exhibitions, community art actions, and educational outreach for adults and young people. SFAI is an environment where creativity, innovation, and challenging ideas thrive.
This new work – including performances, community engagement, workshops and cultural research – is possible thanks to support from Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, McCune Charitable Foundation, USA Projects, Kalliopeia Foundation, Bioneers Moonrise Fund, and New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts. 

A heartfelt thanks to our Board, and in-kind supporters including Lumenscapes Illumination Media, Alice Hopkins-Loy of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, National Dance Institute of New Mexico, Dragon Rising, Amy Christian and Wise Fool of New Mexico, Food Depot, Stanford Institute of Diversity in the Arts, Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation, Mississaugus of Scugog Island First Nation, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Ana Gallegos at Warehouse 21, Cheryl Odom, Tina Santiago, Professor Jacqueline Shea Murphy, Connie Wind Walker, Deirde Morris, Canada Council, Betsy Richards and Opportunity Agenda, Vicki Meek and National Performance Network, Marion Wasserman of Elemental Designs, Louis Leray, Fran Hardy and Bob Demboski, John Paul Rangel of Asphalt Apache Designs, Paulo T. Photography, Joe McNally, Henry Weinstein, Will Wilson, Jaime Smith, Jennifer Esperanza, Kent Black, Spencer Beckwith, Honey Harris, Mary Charlotte and Radio Cafe, Guy Cross, Emily Van Cleve, Janet Eigner, Larry Blackhorse Lowe, Jonathan Sims of No Reservations Film Production, Dee Martinez, Ananya Chattarjea, Kari Sullivan, Donna Jewell, Mary Anne Santos Newhall, Judith Bennahum, Jack Turner, Valeria Alarcon, Mi’Jan Celie and Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Adam McKinney, Lisa Estrada, Adelma Hnasko, Allegra Lillard, Roberto, Russell Baker, Michael D’Alfonso, Cloud Cliff Bakery, La Mesa Farms, Margo Matakovich, Colin White, Nolan Eskeets, Michelle Laroe, Lisa Nevada, Glenn Parry and SEED Graduate Institute, Willem Malten, Ananya Chattarjea, Erica Ayala, Alicia Ledezma, Norma Diala, Kathryn Mark, Rima Miller, students and faculty of N.A.C.A. Academy, Andre P. Cramblit, Marla Allison, Honey Dawn Karina, Tria Andrews, New Mexico Musicworks, Rodney Bowe, Solomon-Apiliato & Justus-Vailoa Soul-Bowe, The Roots International Organization & Sustainable Enterprises, and New Mexico Dance Coalition.

Artistic and cultural development thanks to past all DANCING EARTH performing artists and collaborators since 2004, Michael Mao, Lakota grandmothers at the Native Wellness Institute Conference, Josephine Mandamin, Liz Osewameck, Shirley Williams, all grandmothers and community members walking the lakes and rivers to raise awareness, Professor David Martinez and ASU Dance department, Kellie Gillenwater, Terri Ripeka Crawford, Ria Thundercloud, Ana Maria Gadalupe “Lupita” Salazar, Jim Wilson, Earth in Motion International Indigenous Choreographers Workshop, Idyllwild Summer Arts, Chrissie Orr’s Crude Fracture installation for T.I.M.E. at Buffalo Thunder, Wild Dancing West at VSA N4th Art Center, Bioneers and Cultivating Women’s Leadership, Talking Stick Festival of Vancouver, Professor Jacqueline Shea Murphy and UC Riverside, Culver Art Center, Roger Montoya and Sal Ruiz for Somos Uno Festival and the students of Moving Arts Espanola, students and staff of Trent University, Nozhem Indigenous performance space, Indigenous Performance Initiative, Marrie Mumford, William Kingfisher, cast of Zhishodewe, Art Gallery of Peterborough Ontario, Ode’min Geezis Festival, Ayaandagon garden, Gitigaan garden, Freedom garden, and Little Nest language initiative. 

We thank all in our circle for this opportunity to share Indigenous perspectives on Water to expand understanding amongst our diverse Native peoples as well as wider global community, and to inspire youth to learn about their cultural roots and other cultural viewpoints as related to actual bio-sphere.

We want to congratulate our colleagues who have been DANCING EARTH guest artists on premieres this month:


Maestro Jesus Jacoh Cortes brings his 5th annual concert for his Cuicacalli Escuela de Danzaat Brava Theater in San Francisco,
and debut of the Cuicacalli Dance Company! 

In New Zealand, Jack Gray is creating his new work for the Atamira Dance Company.

In Albuquerque, DANCING EARTH CREATIONS shared424661_422245961174207_1321501131_nan excerpt from WALKING AT THE EDGE OF WATER with a small cast of dancers at the Congress of Research in Dance. We were excited to share the program with the Ysastros flamenco company, to reflect some of the unique character of the Southwest for the conference of national academics. We opened with a welcoming from Michael Tsosie, an Independent tribal scholar with roots in Santo Domingo Pueblo.

A thank you to the visionary Professor Jacqueline Shea Murphy who recommended us to CORD, to the brilliant director Daniel Banks who assisted as dramaturge, to the studio spaces of Yoga Moves, Dragon Rising, Railyard and Warehouse 21 who assisted us with rehearsal space, and to the talented Production Assistant Raven Knight and Tech Director Joe Dean. 

photo by: Paulo T. Photography
dancer: Deollo Johnson


Please pick up your November issue of THE MAGAZINE, with a thoughtful review by the respected dance critic Janet Eigner, including “holds the promise of melding into a significant contribution to Indigenous contemporary dance arts and The Lensic exploded with unreserved enthusiasm that met the explosive energy of the company.” LINK TO REVIEW (scroll to pg.44)
And this week, another review from renaissance woman Greta Chapin McGill that describes
” a visually stunning presentation captivating the mind and the senses.” LINK TO REVIEW

NEXT Month
in alignment with the prophetic solstice of 2012, DANCING EARTH CREATIONS will share our dreams for the future, and ways which our circle of community members and friends may be a part of bringing these visions to life. We are DREAMING BIG!
  • Dance floors powered by dancers footsteps,
  • Scholarships and subsidiized dance training for Native youth,
  • Solar powered theater,
  • Dorm housing with organic gardens for students,
  • Full time company manager so we can focus more on the artistic,
  • Frequent flier mileage donation, so we can accept invitations to share our work in Canada,
    New Zealand, and other global locations
  • Cultural research and exchange with Native groups who are taking stands for return of salmon
    and water ceremonies, as well as cultivation of seeds, and
  • Womens leadership.
This is just a glimpse and we look forward to sharing more in the next newsletter!
photo by: Moira Amaru


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