Potential SEEDS & SOUL Partners and Schedule

While Seeds and Soul’s performers and facilitators give and guide their own presentations, the Seeds & Soul Core will create a schedule of the events, which will conclude with the live performance by Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy. The day opens with an outdoor welcoming ceremony that honors the Ohlone, the Indigenous peoples of the Bay Area and other California Native peoples. The ceremony is followed by workshops, talk panels, and activities hosted by Dancing Earth, Audiopharmacy Prescriptions, and their community-based affiliates throughout the day.

Local groups with whom Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy Prescriptions have built long-term sustainable alliances with and who are interested in participation include:

– American Indian Contemporary Arts

– Bangka Journey Project (Pomo/Filipino cultural alliance)

– SNAG: Seventh Native American Generation

– Bay Localize

– Capoeira Ijexa

– Bissap Baobab Village

– The N.E.S.T. of Forestville

– Chief Caleen Sisk and documentary film highlighting issues of Winnemum Wintu, the Salmon and Water

– Spoken word poets including Climbing Poetree, Lyla Johnson and Rafael J Gonzales

– Rooted in Community

– Forrealism Art Collective

– Cuicacalli Escuela De Danza, based at Brava Theater, La Mission

– Dance Zone of Cupertino

– The Cultural Conservancy

– Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center

– AVE (Access Via Exposure)


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