We dedicate our dance theater work as functional rituals for 
transformation, taking responsibilities as our ancestors did, to sing and dance the ancient truths into renewed relevance, the future into being, and the present into integration, on behalf of beauty and balance with the living being who connects us all : our earth …



We are currently envisioning “BETWEEN UNDERGROUND AND SKYWORLD” (BTW US)  a multi year project that explores aspects of renewable energy. As ever, we begin with  active respect for Indigenous caretakers of land which springs from our long relationships of respect and ceremonies of protocols. This has emerged into  a project called "GROUNDWORKS:The Re Story-Ing of Living Landscapes ", with pilot template in Bay Area, in which CA First Nations artists and culture carriers cited their determination for increased visibility, for their stories to be heard. Together we explore themes  through a creative process that  connects us to the stories and spirit embedded in place, the stories of original peoples inviting us to deepen our own relationships, and to stand as allies. We will collaborate with Ian Garrett at Center for Sustainable Practices in Arts for new media innovations for multi dimensional documentation that is deliverable in an APP which accompanies a live site immersive mobile activation of an urban space on Indigenous Peoples Day October  2018.

We also gathered intertribal international Indigenous elders and culture carriers at the Academy for Love of Learning for “ Invoking the Pause : for Climate Change Trailblazers” to discuss renewable energy from practical, spiritual and cultural perspectives.

This combined source material from sessions in the Southwest and California will become source material for NTW US< with Ian Garrett contributing new media inventions, and eco-sustainable theater tech design.

“MICHIF MEDICINES”  is a historic collaboration between two women led- Indigenous contemporary dance companies. With invitation springing from V’ni Dansi, we have completed first stage of culture research at Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver, BC , sharing  work in progress collaboration with dance artists of VNI DANSI  and  DANCING EARTH ,  including Lupita Salazar, Eva Lopez, Ria Thundercloud, Eloi Homier , Madeline McCallum, and musician/composer Wayne LaVallee with  several Metis medicine knowledge carriers as advisors .

This work  evolves from experiential lived research with culture carriers who have sustained ancestral wisdom of the reciprocal relationship between plants and humans. The collaboration extends between companies, medicine holders, artists , and species with diverse cultural perspectives informing a creative process of contemporary dance theater.
Director of V’ni Dansi  Yvonne Chartrand  and Rulan first met in Vancouver almost two decades ago,  at Karen Jamieson Dance Company, and became friends, dreaming of involvement with an Indigenous contemporary dance filed that they now serve as respected leaders. Yvonne attended the 2014 Summer Institute, and participated in OrigiNation: Roots and Seeds, learning that her own grandmother had been a Metis plant medicine woman , thus inspiring the expansion into this international collaboration. 





The idea of allies , and treaties inspired our 2017-18 Bay Area explorations of the First Indigenous Women of the Americas Treaty Defending Mother Earth,  Rights of Nature and Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People We Stand Together : Treaty Making, this has been developed with for work in progress showings at FLACC Festival for Latina Contemporary Choreographers, DIRT Dance In Revolt(ing) Times Festival, Urban X Indigenous Festival, Yerba Buena Gardens Native Contemporary Arts Festival and December 1, 2017 at Brava Theater for concert of “ 500 YEARS OF RESISTANCE.”

These works will be woven together into a full length narrative that re-imagines and animates source material from a renewable energy retreat that gathered intertribal culture carriers in the Southwest

Here is a video by emerging filmmaker Madeline Rackerby, of the Treaty-Making work in progress!

We are grateful to seed funding for various aspects of this work, from MAP Fund, Invoking The Pause- supporting Climate Change Trailblazers, Honor The Earth, Zellerbach Family Foundation, SF Arts Commission, CA Arts Council Local Impact Grant, and space donated by Dance MIssion, Pomegranate Dance Studio, Ghost Ranch Educational Center, and Academy for the Love of Learning).


2014 to present

...SEEDS RE GENERATION … our current touring production, is  a purposeful performance that Indigen-izes space as vital transformative gathering ground. Centered in Indigenous ecological knowledge, residencies culminate in an immersive, interdisciplinary, and participatory contemporary dance ritual. ...Seeds: Re Generation... evolves from Dancing Earth’s intertribal artists in exchanges with Native elders, farmers, foragers, seed savers, and food and water justice groups, in visioning sessions and movement workshop s that root our restoring/restory-ing of land and people. With the core theme of resilient adaptability, this work can be hosted by indoor or outdoor sites with opening dance designed to adapt to people and place.

For more info, please click here:



Walking at the Edge of Water - is an inter-tribal contemporary dance expression of Indigenous water perspectives. Every creative aspect of this eco-production reflects cultural and environmental worldview, with Indigenous collaborators in movement, musical composition, language, video imagery, costume and visual art. This work is motivated by the urgings of Native grandmothers and invokes powerfully relevant water themes of creation, destruction and renewal. WALKING AT THE EDGE OF WATER parallels ancestral healing rituals in a dance of inter-disciplinary Native expressions that is both primal and futuristic.


Of Bodies Of Elements - emerges from the deep soul of the landscape of America’s first peoples, embodying the themes of humans in relationship with cardinal elements in a primal yet articulate language of movement that speaks to all beings. The performance expresses the ensemble’s passionate exploration of the intersection of ritual, culture, and ecology.

Please enjoy this documentary about the making of our first eco-production; OF BODIES OF ELEMENTS :  Documentary of Dancing Earth’s first eco production:




We are honored to have been invited by Indigenous communities and presented at venues including galleries, museums, opera houses, dried riverbeds, canyons, community centers, universities, encuentros, conferences, powwows, festivals, film premieres, street alleys, fashion shows, bridges, botanical gardens, ice covered lakes, Indigenous cultural gatherings and unexpected performance spaces, in countries of Norway, Brasil, Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Guam , and USA states of New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Washington, Iowa, Arkansas, New York, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska …

References and recommendations available upon request.

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