Roots and Seeds



For our 10th Anniversary, DANCING EARTH explores the concept of legacy by interpreting intertribal perspectives shared by Native culture-carriers and food sovereignty organizers about Seeds, Plants, and Foods. “ORIGI-NATION: ROOTS AND SEEDS” is a performance which integrates dance, Native language, rhythms, and media projection. Through engagement workshops, the work is evolving organically from the cultural knowledge and creative process of artist leaders with community members with choreographic direction by Founding Artistic Director Rulan Tangen. Seasonal shifts and ancestral wisdom are explored through outdoor land-dance practice, culminating in dances that bring the energy of landscape into theater setting, and the spirit of dreamscape to the earth. For the wellness of all peoples and the planet, we invoke the ritual of dance as the core of environmental transformation.

This theme will be explored in workshops and performances scheduled in 7 states and 3 countries through 2015, as evidenced by our strong national and international touring history.

Thus far, ORIGI-NATION ROOTS AND SEEDS has generated:

  • solo work shown at Indigenous Choreographers Symposium at UC Riverside CA, and Yerba Buena Gardens Native Arts Festival in San Francisco
  • solo work about basket weaving shown at Native Arts and Cultures Foundation’s celebratory event in California, Poeh Center in NM, and Wisdom Sharing gathering at Ghost Ranch, Abuqui, NM
  • Summer 2014 creative incubation of ORIGIN-NATION, ROOTS AND SEED, as previewed for public in NM at One World Beat Festival and Sky Light’s Evening of Earth and Sky. An interdisciplinary ritual including art installations, seed exchanges, audience interactive writing/drawing exercise, live musicians and DJd score, and solo based collaborative choreography by International Cultural Ambassadors guest artist-collaborators representing Australia/New Zealand, Fiji, Guatemala, Sweden/India, Canada/Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Hawaii and First Nations of Cherokee, Jicarilla Apache, Seneca, Creek, Choctaw, Tewa, Piru, Cree, Metis, Mestizo, Ixil-Maya, Ojibwe, Lakota, Pomo, Ona*staTis (Michewal Wappo), Dine, Ilocana/Bicolana, Kainai, Papanga, Basque and ancestors from France, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Africa, Spain, Mexico.


Cathy Livermore, Navi Fong, Tohil Fidel Brito Bernal, Maria Regina Firmina Castillo, Maria Naidu, Yvonne Chartrand, Sandra Lamouche, Norma Araiza, Coman Poon, Rulan Tangen, Anne Pesata, Lupita Salazar, Lumhe Micco Sampson, Javier Stell-Fresquez, Trey Pickett, Tria Andrews, Andrea Rose Bear King and Crystal Worl (aerialists), John Walking Star Martinez (flutist), Justin Giehm (Upaya scholarship awardee), and AudioPharmacy collaborators Teao Sense, Ras K’ Dee, Joana Cruz, Desirae Harp and Nikila Badua

Fall 2014 creation of SEED production with inter-departmental students, local community and nearby Native community members in a multi faceted creative flowering including flash dances, community engagement workshops, master classes, potlucks, and 6 week rehearsal period culminating in performances at Fort Lewis Concert Hall November 15 and 16!

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