On September 8th at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, Rulan appeared as ‘The Spirit of Movement’ in a production featuring over 75 dancers in different genres including Pueblo, ballet, modern, folklorico, flamenco and breakdance. The evening was titled ‘ Los Ninos son la Luz’ and was dedicated to the encouragement and mentorship of young dance students in New Mexico. Rulan presented a choreography with outstanding dancers Roger Montoya, Nichole Salazar, and Jaco Cortes, with live percussion by Ramon Vato and Deollo Johnson. Jaco , of DANCING EARTH, was a teacher and choreographer for the show, also appearing as a lead soloist in three of the different dance styles!

Rulan traveled to rural Springer New Mexico to teach a weeklong dance workshop under the National dance Institute, for all students in grades Kindergarten through 5th at the local public school.

DANCING EARTH mentor Raoul Trujillo was in LA for the Emmy awards, for his work in Tin Man, alongside Alan Cummings.

Back in New Mexico, Rulan was photographed for a new denim campaign for Japanese denim company Kapital, see the photos by Eric Kvatek posted at www.kapital.jpIMG_5895IMG_5734IMG_5880

all photos for Kapital, by Eric Kvatek

all photos for Kapital, by Eric Kvatek


DANCING EARTH is an ensemble of performance artists under the direction of choreographer Rulan Tangen, representing many First Nations. We gather as individual artists to create experimental yet elemental dances that reflect our rich cultural heritage and to explore identity as contemporary Native peoples. We are passionately committed to Indigenous contemporary dance as primal yet articulate movement - blood memory in motion - that speaks to all beings. We believe in dance as an expression that can illuminate issues of cultural, historical, philosophical, mythic, and spiritual relevance.

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