SOL 4 ALL update from New Energy Economy !

Letter from Mariel Nanasi : “

New Energy Economy sends our deepest appreciation to the artists of Dancing Earth and Rulan Tangen, artistic director, for creating a beautiful vibrant space in Santa Fe during our Sol for All fundraiser. All of the proceeds from this event have been designated for the solarization of the Centro de Amistad senior center, Village of Santa Clara, Grant County, New Mexico.

Our battle is to reclaim power and energy from those who exploit them both for selfish ends. Our vision is a one of a democratically determined renewable economy. That’s why our theme is: SOL FOR ALL from rampant inequality to energy democracy.

We source our inspiration and strength for this ongoing work from our relationship with community and in the sacredness of mother earth. Dancing Earth, in a remarkable expression of elegance-in-movement, allowed us all to enhance this authentic dynamic relationship. Lyla June Johnston and Beata Tsosie Peña added their poetic performance art which enhanced the meaningfulness of this evening by starkly contrasting the devastation of extraction with the harmony of belonging to each other, the beings of the earth and the earth, herself. Besides meeting our goal for the fundraiser, everyone who attended had their spirits renewed and lifted through experiencing the Dancing Earth performance. New Energy Economy expresses our gratitude to Dancing Earth for the opportunity to collaborate: forward together!”

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