Time to Reconstruct our Hearts and Let Go of Colonialism” – Dr Kina Murphy, Environmental Biologist

 by photographer Sunny Khalsa

We celebrate the longest day of the sun with contemporary songs and dances calling out the beauty of our universe!


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SUMMER INSTITUTE! Meet some of our Cultural Artist ambassadors   :
Returning Ecological Artist Ambassador Christina Leyva of Cuban heritage as well as Artist from the First Nations of Guatemala, Samoa, Oklahoma, Hopi, Diné, Okay Owingeh,  and California First Nations  of Pomo, Mono Lake Paiute, Barona Band of Mission Indians – Diegueño Iipay/Kumeyaay  







Join us in supporting the cultural creative development of the next generation of Indigenous arts leader with a donation to our Summer Institute 2017! Donors will be invited to a special exclusive showing at secret location at the end of the institute on August 13th. We recognize donors who contribute in all forms, and are looking for financial contributions as well as donations of:











  • Healthy Healthy home-cooked meals for 12 during week of Aug 4-14
  • Comfortable homestays between July 25-29 for ambassadors flying in from afar so they can adjust to the altitude
  • Airport pickups/dropoffs
  • Ongoing help with alterations and sewing of costuming


Please contact to help support our Summer Institute and international Cultural Ambassadors. Tax-deductible donations can be mailed to INARTS : INDIGENOUS ARTS INSTITUTE

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Here is a clip from our Summer Institute 2014


BAY AREA and West Coast : June included two performances in San Francisco (Yelamu) performances of “Treaty Making” at Urban X Indigenous Festival at SOMARTS, and Native Cultural Arts Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens.

It was so uplifting to dance on the same stages as our Native Californian, and Pacific Islander Relatives!  Having Pomo and Ohlone voices accompany us, deepened the meaning of our dance…We must hear the call of the Standing Rocks in our own backyards!” – Javier Stell-Fresquez, Company Member

“Being a part of the fourth Urban x Indigenous festival, the vision of dynamically emerging choreographer Sammay Dizon, was a vital way to connect with the Bay Area communities making decolonized space in relational, artistic, and scholarly practice.” – Christina Leyva


In Southern California, we danced at the Idyllwild Arts Festival:   “Dancing and sharing space with all of the incredibly talented artist we collaborated with allowed us all to open our hearts and pour everything out onto that stage. It was a wonderful “homecoming” for me to perform a solo with a CA native Paiute poet that lives on the other side of the mountain from my tribe and to be in the grace of my late grandmother’s homeland. During the opening of the Idyllwild show, the Cahuilla people sang their bird songs and my grandma came to visit to bless me and everyone performing that night. It is definitely a performance I will never forget. ” – Ciera Budge


And, on Grande Ronde tribal lands, we celebrated Native healthy living with almost 200 inter-tribal youth, led by  Native Wellness Institute trainers and sharing wellness practices for body, mind, heart and spirit including feasts of elk and salmon! (Photos from current and previous NWI trainings below, including with actor Martin Sensmeier who will soon be featured as Jim Thorpe in much anticipated bio-pic – congrats Martin from your NWI family!



Arizona: Dancers Anne Pesata and Esme Olivia were featured in a choreography honoring Acoma stories of sisterhood, creation, and emergence ACONAV Fashion Show of Acoma designer at Wild Horse Casino   

What the audience saw: “The emergence of woman, as well as the celebration of women’s beauty, especially when they support one another. taking things out of the baskets, gathering “pollen” & blew it to the directions to give life.”


“You channel the spirits. You’re very tuned in.” “Intensely beautiful.”


 “ Great to understand a story from the movement without any words about it.”


New Mexico: In June,  MOMB: Movement of Movement Building workshop at New Mexico Dance, then highlighting the Global Water Dances at the lovely Pomegranate Dance Studio, and at the Water Is Life Festival in the beautiful Santa Fe Botanical Gardens, as well as leading an inter-tribal cultural retreat focused on renewable energy at  the eco-conscious Academy for the Love of Learning.

A powerful response from cultural participant Maria Firmino Castillo of Guatemala at our renewable energy retreat: “In Dancing Earth’s Renewable Energy retreat, a circle of nations from the four directions shared knowledge and engaged in deep dialogue to critically analyze colonialism’s extractivist paradigm in regards to matter and energy. At the same time, we planted seeds—through a synthesis of story, image, song, movement, and prayer—for a future in which we embody and bring into being reciprocal and convivial relationships with matter and energy—ways rooted in Indigenous values and capable of engendering vitality for all our peoples and relations on Earth “

Thanks so much to Rulan and all my indigenous brothers and sisters who attended the Dancing Earth retreat. It was magically healing . . . Time to reconstruct our hearts and let go of colonialism” – Dr Kina Murphy, Environmental Biologist

THE MOVING IMAGE : Here is a mini  documentary film from 2014  featuring Dancing Earth :

WANT TO SEE MORE OF OUR WORK? You can make a donation earmarked for “Film Editing” to help us complete documentary films highlighting recent projects in the Bay Area, Four Corners , and New Mexico!  




We are pleased to welcome ALL of our generous Summer Campaign donors, including those who have contributed with in-kind support (food and housing!) to be  invited to our very special Summer Institute open showcase on August 13th !

Here is a short doc from our 2012 Summer Institute :

Small banner of Images by Santa Fe Photo Workshops’ Jeff Komins, J Sederthur, and D Sherwin:   

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