DANCING EARTH - © pauloTphotography
DANCING EARTH - © pauloTphotography
DANCING EARTH - © pauloTphotography
DANCING EARTH - © pauloTphotography
© pauloTphotography
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DANCING EARTH Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations
promotes biocultural diversity through Indigenous dance and related arts,
for the education and wellness of all peoples.

Dancing Earth Creations congratulates  our Founding Director and Choreographer, Rulan Tangen, for her recognition as Kennedy Center Citizen Artist , for her work embodying ideals of Service, Justice, Freedom, Courage and Gratitude. She says, “this is an award that recognized the power of “WE” - anyone who has supported, encouraged, participated in our powerful movement for movement building, for indigenous embodied knowledge as central to ethical socio-cultural-environmental shift, can celebrate our victory of being seen, heard, recognized!

This year of honoring culminates this spring 2019 , Dancing Earth’s SEEDS RE GENERATION ( created with support from National Dance Project Production and Touring Award, and A Blade Of Grass Fellowship) after several days of local community engagement, with a free performance on the Millennium  Stage of the Kennedy Center on April 26th ! We warmly invite our Dancing Earth circle to celebrate with us by attending this performance !

On April 28-29, Rulan will participate in Kennedy Center’s National Arts Summit to congratulate the incoming Citizen Artist fellows . We are grateful that last year she was welcomed to the land through  after cultural protocols with the Piscataway First Nations, as graciously coordinated by Gabrielle Tayac.

Rulan is honored for the recognition that this award brings to her whole circle, and grateful to continue to explore innovative ways that arts can provide purposeful service to Indigenous peoples, lands, and waters . Rooted in decades of lived cultural research and professional dance/choreography experience, Rulan humbly offers  the Kennedy Center her perspectives on being able to recognize reciprocal power of relations with local First Nations, exchange between global Indigenous peoples, and the power of arts as harbinger of social, cultural , and environmental change.


Jan 7 Classes resume at year round youth dance training programs at Cochiti Pueblo NM, and Cuicacalli Escuela at the Brava Theater in San Francisco  

Jan  13 NO WOMAN NO WASTE  Swap Party in Santa Fe

Jan 19 DANCING COLLECTIVE FUTURITIES third in a series of winter workshops in Santa Fe

Jan 18-20 Dancing Earth company meeting in Ogaa Pogeh ( Santa Fe ), and photo shoot at SFAI with Paulo Tavares - stay tuned for images celebrating Indigenous Futurities !

Jan 25 Dancing Earth soloist Natalie Benally performs at PLATFORM at Santa Fe Art Institute

Jan 25-27 Dancing Earth company meeting in  Yelamu (San Francisco )

Feb 21-23 and Feb 28-March 2 UC Berkeley dance concert, featuring GROUNDWORKS HUICHIN choreographed  for UCB students with Rulan Tangen with cultural consult of Ohlone leader Corrina Gould

Feb 28 Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver BC, presents  performance of MICHIF MEDICINES, an international collaboration with V’ni Dansi and Dancing Earth co directed by international award winning choreogarpher/directors  Yvonne Chartrand and Rulan Tangen with dancers Eloi Homier, Madelaine McCallum, Esme Olivia Vaandrager, and Ana Maria Guadalupe “Lupita” Salazar . “The development of Michif Medicines involved consultations with Elders and cultural keepers. Respect for cultural protocols and ways of knowing are fundamental aspects of creation. “

And more coming up this year !


Touring in Spring 2019

Washington D.C. & Maryland! 

... current touring production ...
...SEEDS : RE GENERATION…  is a purposeful performance that Indigen-izes space as vital transformative gathering ground. Centered in Indigenous ecological knowledge, residencies culminate in an immersive, interdisciplinary, and participatory contemporary dance ritual. ...SEEDS : RE GENERATION… evolves from Dancing Earth’s intertribal artists in exchanges with Native elders, farmers, foragers, seed savers, and food and water justice groups, in visioning sessions and movement workshops that root our restoring/restory-ing of land and people. With the core theme of resilient adaptability, this work can be hosted by indoor or outdoor sites with opening dance designed to adapt to people and place.

This production is available for touring to your community ! Please contact andrecbouchard@gmail.com , of Walrus Arts Management, for booking.

Created with kind support from National Dance Project, A Blade of Grass Fellowship, and creation residency with Fort Lewis Community Concert Hall, CO.

Excerpts have toured to Riddu Riddu Festival, Norway ; Planet IndigenUs and McMichaels Gallery, Toronto; Guahan at the invitation of Humanities Guahan;  ASU’s Gammage Hall, AZ; Mesa Art Centre, AZ; Ordway Theater, MN;  Crystal Bridges , AK; Seeds and Soul Festival, San Francisco; Bioneers conference, CA; Idyllwild, CA ; and communities of Zuni, Gallup, Akimel O’odham, Moving Arts Espanola in Okay Owingeh.

ABOUT DANCING EARTH :     A unique force in world dance, Dancing Earth gathers Native collaborators who embody intertribal ecological philosophies to re-envision contemporary dance and assert its role in our society as purposeful ritual. As indigenous dancers, composers, costumers, filmmakers, and poets, we honor dance’s essential function in personal, social, and environmental transformation. We dance the rich diversity of our contemporary heritage with the intent to promote ecological awareness, cultural diversity, healing and understanding between peoples. Our aesthetic embodies earth’s inherent spirit, and is created by, with, and for the land and the peoples of the land.
       Director Rulan Tangen was selected as the only artist among top ten finalists across all disciplines for Nathan Cummings Fellowship for Social Change. She was also honored with the first Dance Fellowship for Artistic Innovation by Native Arts and Cultures Foundation; A Blade Of Grass Fellowship ; Arts for Social Change Award from Arts and Healing Network; Costo Medal for Education, Research and Community Service; and ”25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine.
       Her founding vision for DE is to serve an unmet need in the USA, giving hope and opportunity to Native talent who’re outside of professional performance due to lack of access and resources. In turn, Native artists’ contributions and rigorous cultural engagement challenge notions of what comprises dance training, the role of audience, and boundaries between performance and collaborative community art-making. DE’s circle reaches beyond Native communities who may have never seen theatrical dance, into festival and opera house audiences who may have never met a Native person. Recognizing DE’s reach, New Zealand’s US Ambassador awarded each dancer a medallion for cultural representation.
       DE’s relevance is evidenced by extensive national/international touring invitations, eliciting reviews such as: “embodies the implicit and unique urgency that beats at the very heart of dance....here we are shown wonder upon wonder - organisms emerge from dying stars, sky beings take shape in color, texture, and metamorphosing forms.” A. Hassett, THE magazine; "a thoroughly contemporary work with performers...whose athleticism and multifarious talents and training acknowledge the air as much as the ground under their feet." SF Bay Guardian; and “Something so special, it’s indescribable.” Blackfoot Chief James St Goddard.



Thank you to support from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation whose mission is to enhance quality of life by championing the arts, promoting early childhood literacy, and supporting research to cure chronic disease.


Production residency funded by the New England Foundation for the ArtsNational Dance Project, with funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.



Hundreds of individuals have participated in Invoking The Pause. They come from a broad range of fields with expertise in arts, science, communication, media, education, energy, agriculture, theatre, permaculture, impacts, resilience, social justice, policy, systems thinking, conservation, social enterprise, technology, water and more. As a result of their involvement, networks have expanded, partnerships formed, and new climate challenge strategies have been put in place.


Thank you to the California Arts Council whose mission is to advance California through the arts and creativity.The Local Impact program fosters equity, access, and opportunity by providing project and partnership support for small arts organizations reaching underserved communities.


Thank you to the San Francisco Arts Commission, the City agency that champions the arts as essential to daily life by investing in a vibrant arts community, enlivening the urban environment and shaping innovative cultural policy.



The N7 Fund is committed to inspiring and enabling participation in sport for Native American and Aboriginal populations in North America. N7 is inspired by Native American wisdom of the Seven Generations: In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the seventh generation.



The MAP Fund is founded on the principle that exploration drives human progress, no less in art than in science or medicine. MAP supports original live performance projects that embody a spirit of deep inquiry.

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Water protectors in New Mexico , this is what is happening NOW https://t.co/LgnZ5aoF3s

Heading to rehearsal for SEEDS RE GENERATION ; enjoy this video of a dance one of our dancers created and performed last year ! Justin Giehm is amazing ! https://t.co/LjtxoCfA5h

Is there anything better than a champion hoop dancer who is deep humanist and committed to cultural renewal ? Two of them ! The Sampson Bros. , Samsoche Sampson and Lumhe Sampson - brought to you by Seneca... https://t.co/oQLmqWTiei

I am so proud and humbled that First Nations peoples are making plans to come to the Kennedy Center for our SEEDS REGENERATION performance April 26. We will invite Indigenous peoples to stand onstage for the opening protocols... https://t.co/D56YYQBS22

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