We are busy rehearsing for our debut in Canada, followed by our Summer Institute - an intensive incubation of creative and cultural concepts !

In Toronto , We will integrate movement, song, language, artwork, rhythm, seeds, twigs, rocks, berries , and dreaming that stretches time and space. . Together we will create RE-GENERATION , a performance ritual of magical realism that embodies the journey of people of the southwest desert - people of prayer, vision, resilience and gratitude - who arrive to the beautiful people, land and spirit of woodlands and water, offering seeds of corn upon arrival and being blessed by the swirling spiral dance of tobacco smoke, then all blossoming into renewed life .

At 7 pm on THURS Aug 6th, we will present full length indoor/outdoor performance with cultural welcoming at MCMICHAELS GALLERY , with audience participatory interactivity ( with drawings, sound) and a shared treat of berries !

Between 1-5 pm at Flechs Theater in Toronto on Sunday Aug 9th, we will dance a 20 minute excerpt for the first Day of Dance of Planet IndigenUs, alongside choreography from esteemed colleagues from Canada, Taiwan and Australia including Frances Ring, Santee Smith, Penny Couchie and Sarain Carson-Fox.


Additional activities:

* Aug 5th , 3 pm Master Class at Kahawi Dance Theater

* Showcase at noon on Aug 7th in the Sun Stage at Harbourfront Centre

* Workshop at 2 pm on Aug 8th, location TBA


Please join us !

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